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Research at the Department of Geography and Geology focuses on the natural and social sciences, and is divided in in three working groups. 

The Social and Economic Geography working group deals with issues of geographically imbalanced development. This includes social inequality and unequal economic developments at all geographic scales from local to global.

The Physical Geography working groups investigate physical and biological processes that govern landscape dynamics in the context of human-environment interactions. Research fields span from geomorphological processes, to landscape ecology and the management of city ecosystems.

The  Geology working group has three fields of research. It explores the structure and evolution of mountain ranges and the associated sedimentary basins, examines the dynamics of the near-surface processes in an application-oriented perspective, and analyzes archaeological artifacts in the context of Archaeometry and Cultural Heritage Computing.

The management of the department

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  • In the Winter Semester 2016/17, the University of Salzburg will be the first Austrian university to offer a full four-semester Master's Program in "Data Science". Experts from statistics, computer science, economics, social sciences, law and philosophy, as well as geoinformatics, biology and psychology developed the course of study.
    On the 24th and 25th of August, the 17th TelekomForum auf der Edmundsburg in Salzburg took place. The forum focused on “Die digitale Agenda für Europa – eine Zwischenbilanz” / "The Digital Agenda for Europe – an Interim Assessment."
    An information session about Uni-55 PLUS will be held on 5 September from 13:00 – 15:00 in the Audimax of the Nawi, located at Hellbrunnerstr. 34.
    A broad mix of topics under the general theme of "New Enlightenment" is being offered this year by the "European Forum Alpbach", which will take place from 17 August to 2 September. Around 5,000 participants from science, politics, economy and culture will discuss questions about the future of the EU and human rights issues.
    The University of Salzburg will hold a three day Orientation period for new students during which they will receive general information about the study programmes offered. Timeframe: 27 – 29 September. Venue: the Große Universitätsaula.
    www.w-k.sbg.ac.at/kunstpolemik-polemikkunst // Kunstquartier, Bergstr. 12a, Atelier, 1st Floor - The conference "The Politics and polemics of Gender in Early American Theatre" focuses on the role of gender in early American theater. The thematic focus is to be negotiated at levels of authorship, reception and polemics and permits a reassessment of many forgotten or ignored academic stage plays.
    The OPENING for this year's Summer University will take place on Monday, 22 August, 2016, at 12:30 in the Unipark Nonntal.
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  • 01.09.16

    Psychotherapeutisches Propädeutikum - Infoveranstaltung


    Herbstfest mit Vorstellung des Landschaftslabors des IFFB Geoinformatik
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