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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Students!

As Rector of the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, I bid you a very warm welcome. Salzburg, because of its beautiful scenery, many historical sites and the Festival, is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. And Salzburg is a university town with a long tradition. The University of Salzburg was founded by Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron, the namesake of the University, in 1622. Today it consists of four faculties, with approximately 18,000 students and 2,800 employees. It is a centre for innovative research and is firmly integrated into the cultural and economic life of Salzburg. With its national and international networking, it is a modern knowledge hub in the heart of Europe. We can be proud of this university, which seamlessly embeds itself with its architecturally interesting buildings in the beautiful ambience of this city. The University of Salzburg offers students a broad range of courses with a balanced ratio of teachers to students. The positioning of the University of Salzburg for a secure future is particularly close to my heart. It has set itself clear research priorities, created a development plan for the future, and today is characterized by constantly developing and meeting new challenges.


Heinrich Schmidinger, Rector of the University of Salzburg and Chairman of the Austrian Universities


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  • Under the motto "Geospatial Minds for Society", the Geoinformation Sector will meet in Salzburg for the AGIT Symposium from 8 to 10 July, 2015. More than 1,200 participants are expected to attend this event, which the Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics (Z_GIS) has organized for the 27th time. Researchers, users and providers will gather at the AGIT to discuss the latest technologies and solutions of geoinformatics for societal issues.
    The 3rd "Erwin Kräutler Prize for Contextual Theology and Interreligious Dialogue" will be presented in an award ceremony to Dr. Eneida Jacobsen on 6 October 2015.
    From 5 – 8 July, 2015, the International EuRegio Summer Academy Obertrum is offering a workshop on “Science: Facination and Challenge” for highly gifted students and those students who are particularly interested at the Department of Philosophy of KGW.
    This year’s ceremony was held In the Aula der Wissenschaften in Vienna, where the Ars Docendi 2015, the Austrian State Prize for excellent teaching, was awarded to Eva Jonas.
    The 64th International Educational Work Meeting will take place from 13 to 17 July, 2015, with of a varied program on 'Einander Anerkennen' (Recognition of One Another) in Salzburg.
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