The research project "Social Justice and Child Poverty" will examine child poverty from a social justice perspective. In three interrelated research areas, it aims at answering three key questions: What special content does social justice have for children? What kinds of violations of social justice are inherent in child poverty? Who are the agents having the obligations to alleviate child poverty and secure social justice for those children in poverty? All three of these questions are of high social and philosophical importance and to a great extent unanswered in contemporary philosophical research. While there is a growing literature on children as well as poverty from different normative perspectives, the topic of child poverty is nearly non-existent in philosophy as one of its own right. We will therefore develop a first comprehensive and systematic philosophical examination of child poverty from a social justice perspective situated within the capability approach and based on a thorough examination not only of the philosophical but also of the relevant social scientific literature. We will explicitly recognise insights into the special status of childhood and child poverty that separates it from adult poverty and demands particular attention.

The project is funded by the FWF - Austrian Science Fund and will run from April 1, 2014 until March 31, 2017. Besides the project supervisor, Gottfried Schweiger, two more postdoctoral reserachers will be involved, whose position are funded by the grant. The total funding is nearly 200.000 Euros plus overhead.


funded by the Austrian Science Fund:

Barrierefreiheit: Kurzbeschreibung des Bildes

Project: P 26480-G15



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  • At the beginning of the winter semester 2016/17, more than 300 exchange students from 36 countries are participating in study abroad program of the University of Salzburg. Last Tuesday, in the Marmorsaal des Schlosses Mirabell, Bürgermeister Heinz Schaden and Vice Rector Sylvia Hahn welcomed these students to the "Wissensstadt Salzburg". The musical accompaniment for the evening was provided by three talented vocal students of the University Mozarteum.
    German art historian Dr. Annika Wienert was awarded the Marko Feingold Prize 2016 for her outstanding dissertation in which she presented the architecture of the extermination camps of Belzec, Sobibór and Treblinka.
    The molecular biologist Wolfgang Gruber of the University of Salzburg was awarded the Dissertation Award of the Austrian Society for Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology (ÖGMBT) in Graz. The prize was awarded Gruber for his discovery of a potentially new cancer drug. // Kunstquartier, Bergstr. 12a, Atelier, 1st Floor - The conference "The Politics and polemics of Gender in Early American Theatre" focuses on the role of gender in early American theater. The thematic focus is to be negotiated at levels of authorship, reception and polemics and permits a reassessment of many forgotten or ignored academic stage plays.
    The University Library Salzburg opens the doors.
    The academic year 2016/17 opens under the motto: 10 Years "Centre for Intercultural Theology and Study of Religions", and will take place on 4 October, 2016, at 9:00 at the Faculty of Catholic Theology, Universitätsplatz 1.
    Wednesday, 5 October, 2016, at 18:30: Talks with Birgit Johler, Volkskundemuseum Wien, Albert Lichtblau, Department of History, Christiane Rothländer, University of Vienna, Barbara Staudinger and Hannes Sulzenbacher, both of the Society for Commemorative Culture. Venue: Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Mönchsberg 32.
    Woran glauben - 10 Angebote für aufgeklärte Menschen
    On 17 October, the "spoc laboratories" open at the Campus Anif. The new lab - a joint facility of the University of Salzburg and Stratec Consumables specializes in the prototype development of microfluidic biochips.
    With the PLUS.Startup School, the University of Salzburg, within the framework of the study supplement "initiative career designing", offers a new qualification opportunity for interested students. The portfolio of PLUS.Startup School includes lectures from the fields of business, management and organization, human resources and finance:
    Politicians need a thick skin; every day they appear on a public stage. But the power and the pressure to which they are exposed can alter or even destroy their personalities.
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  • 30.09.16

    Summer School Salzburg


    The Politics and Polemics of Gender in Early American Theatre


    Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg - Hauptbibliothek


    Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg - Fakultätsbibliothek für Rechtswissenschaften


    Eröffnung des Studienjahres 2016/2017
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