Abgeschlossene Masterarbeiten


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    Due to the Corona crisis teaching is taking place via e-learning –a challenge for the learning platform Blackboard. That is why it is now being technically upgraded.
    What challenges has the corona pandemic brought to journalism? Can the media transform the increased interest in what they offer into sustainable (digital) business models?
    CHRISTIAN KRATTENTHALER, University of Vienna, will hold an online lecture as a Webex-Meeting as part of the series of lectures „Music & Mathematics" on Tuesday, 9. June 2020, at 17:00.
    Are you looking for an exciting and educational master's degree? Then the Centre Jewish Cultural History is the place for you! We are looking forward to presenting our master's degree course online on Monday the 8th June 2020 at 17:00.
    „UNInteressant? – "Ideas that will improve our lives": With this slogan Universities Austria (uniko) is launching an online-campaign, in which all of the 22 public universities will cooperate with the Austrian Science Fund the FWF.
    01.09.-12.09.2020, https://ditact.ac.at. Due to the current pandemic situation the ditact_womens IT summer studies of the University of Salzburg will take place a week later than planned, from the 01.09.-12.09.2020. Most of the courses will be held online.
    The Vice Rectorate for Research, Nicola Hüsing, received five thousand face masks, which were donated by Gebrüder Woerle Ges.m.b.H. in keeping with the motto „SHARING is CARING“ . The face masks were given out to the employees of the University of Salzburg.
    Due to the current situation personal contact with the Psychological Counseling Center is not possible at the moment. We are however available by e-mail, telephone, chat or video chat. Unfortunately, our normal range of workshops cannot take place in the usual way. We would however like to offer the following webinars as an alternative.
    We are gradually learning how to adapt to the Corona outbreak, both in our everyday lives as well as at the university. For us, this means changing to online teaching for the duration of the current semester. Courses and exams held in lecture halls and seminar rooms will not be possible, with exception to some special exams. Regulations for this are currently being drawn up; exceptions are also to be made for selected laboratory exercises and practical sports courses.
    Information of 23rd April 2020: The Minister of Science’s new ruling on special regulations for study law at universities has now been announced, which gives us the opportunity to regulate some important matters. Please note that these regulations have been set for a limited time period (i.e. for this semester, but sometimes even beyond this).
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