Presentations and Session Organization

• Aktuelle Beiträge aus der Methodenforschung. Panel im Rahmen des Österreichischen Kongresses für Soziologie, Innsbruck, Oktober 2015 (Panelorganisation M. Weichbold und. J. Gerich) (

• Towards a broader understanding of functional equivalence in intercultural social research. Vortrag von Martin Weichbold im Rahmen der 12th International Conference of the European Sociological Association. Prag, August 2015 (

• Cultural Response Styles. Session im Rahmen der 6th Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) Juli 2015 Reykjavik, Island. (Panelorganisation M. Weichbold,  W. Aschauer und N. Baur) (

• Conference of the ESC working group on “Quantitative Methods in Criminology” (EQMC) and the ESA Research Network on “Quantitative Methods” (ESA RN21): Modes, Measurement, Modelling: Achieving Equivalence in Quantitative Research. Mannheim, Oktober 2014 (Panelorganisation W. Aschauer und M. Weichbold)

• Wellbeing and Quality of Life. Methodological Challenges for Cross-National Surveys. Panel im Rahmen des XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology, Yokohama/Japan, 13.-19. Juli 2014 (Panel organizer W. Aschauer und M. Weichbold).

• Assessing the cross-cultural equivalence of Well-Being approaches. Panel im Rahmen der 5th Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA), Ljubljana/Slowenien, Juli 2013 (Panel organizer M. Weichbold und W. Aschauer)

• Cross-cultural research: How Can We Achieve Cross-cultural Equivalence in Basic Assumptions? Panel im Rahmen der 8th International Conference on Social Science Methodology. International Sociological Association (ISA), Research Committee 33, Sydney/Australia, Juli 2012 (Panel organizer M. Weichbold und W. Aschauer) 

• Improving the Quality of Cross-National Surveys: Towards a Broader Understanding of Equivalence? Vortrag von W. Aschauer und M. Weichbold im Rahmen der 4th Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA), Lausanne/Schweiz, Juli 2011.

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    This semester from the 28.09.2020 personal registration for USI courses will not be possible in order to avoid unnecessary crowds of people.
    The Armenian religous anthropologist Dr. Yulia Antonyan (Jerevan State University) and the Austrian Armenologist and Head of the ZECO Centre for the Study of the Christian East, Univ.Doz.Dr.Dr.h.c. Jasmine Dum-Tragut Bakk.rer.nat., are among the winners of an international research competition in Armenia.
    Small businesses between handicrafts, services and industry.
    Important dates and information on registering for courses at the Language Centre in Winter Semester 2020/21
    historioPLUS , like so many others, has also had to adapt to the change in circumstances due to Covid-19. For this reason the current year has appeared a little later than in previous years.
    The Language Center has been active in the field of intercomprehension didactics for almost 20 years,Well-known multilingual didactics experts, came together to present the current state of research in this area.The result is the anthology "Lehr- und Lernkompetenzen für die Interkompehension. Perspektiven für die mehrsprachige Bildung (Teaching and Learning Skills for Intercomprehension. Perspectives for Multilingual Education)"Band 10 der Salzburger Reihe zur Lehrer/innen/bildung.
    Registration for the webinars with Ms MMag. Dr. Olivia Vrabl, colleagues from IT-Services and the ZFL-Team is possible at anytime.
    Programme management and discussion moderation: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sabine Coelsch-Foisner
    During the time of Corona, in particular, it became clear just how important it is to support students digitally in their every day university life. The project „On Track“ – stay on track combines digital and social worlds. It is starting at the right time!
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Corona semester
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