Doctorate School PLUS (DSP)

The Doctorate School PLUS (DSP) was founded in 2016 with the goal of supporting high-quality, structured degree programmes throughout the University of Salzburg.

The impetus for the Doctorate School PLUS came from the Quality Development in PhD Programmes working group, established in the 2013-14 academic year, as well as a joint paper from the University Senate and Rectorate recommending standards for doctoral programmes. 

In 2016 new institutional DSP programmes will be introduced brought together with already existing doctoral programmes under the umbrella of the DSP.

Organigramm DSP

In addition to coordinating and connecting the structured institutional doctoral programmes, the Doctorate School PLUS will also be responsible for working together with the Quality Development in PhD Programmes Working Group to introduce measures designed to assure and further develop the quality of doctorate-level education at the University of Salzburg.