Doctoral Programmes (DKs)

Doctoral Programmes "form centres of education for highly qualified young scientists/scholars from the Austrian and international scientific community" (…) "[and] support centres of excellence at Austrian research institutions."  (FWF)

Institutions of higher education in Europe have long supported structured doctoral programmes (cf.  Salzburg Principles, EUA 2005 and Salzburg II Recommendations, EUA, 2010) because they offer doctoral students close ties to scientific and scholarly communities as well as close guidance by a team of advisors, thereby ensuring a high-quality doctoral education.

Doctoral Programmes at the Doctorate School PLUS (DSP)

Title Speaker
Ästhetische Kommunikation Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Deutschmann
FB Slawistik
Bestehen in modernen Arbeitswelten (BimA):
Leben und Arbeiten 4.0
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Eva Taut-Mattausch
FB Psychologie
Biomolecules – structure, function and regulation Assoz. Prof. Dr. Michael Wallner
FB Biowissenschaften
Cognitive Neuroscience Univ.-Prof. Dr.  Jens Blechert
The Dynamics of Cultural Theory and Production Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sabine Coelsch-Foisner
DynamitE - Dynamic Moutain Environments Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Lang
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz Neubauer
Assoz.-Prof. Dr. Stephen Wickham
Forschendes Lernen Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jörg Zumbach
School of Education
Gesund Altern Univ.-Prof. Dr. Günter Lepperdinger
FB Biowissenschaften
geschlecht_transkulturell Assoz. Prof. Dr. Martina Thiele
FB Kommunikationswissenschaft
Interfaces+ IPLUS Univ. Prof. Dr. Nicola Hüsing
FB Chemie und Physik der Materialien
Interdisciplinary Stress Physiology Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hubert Kerschbaum
FB Biowissenschaften
Internet & Democracy Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Steinmaurer
Kompetenzforschung in der Lehrer/innenbildung Priv.-Doz. DDr. Ulrike Greiner
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Burkhard Gniewosz
School of Education
Linguistik: Kontakt - Variation -Wandel Univ.-Prof. Dr. Imke Mendoza
FB Slawistik
MARS - Modelle, Algorithmen, Rechner und Systeme Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Schröder
FB  Mathematik
On the move: People, objects, signs Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kornelia Hahn
Univ.-Prof. Dr. MartinKnoll
Univ.-Prof. Kyoko Shinozaki, PhD
Popular Culture Studies Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nils Grosch
Statistics and Applied Data Science Univ.-Prof. Dr. Arne Bathke
FB Mathematik

Grant-funded Doctoral Programmes (DK, DK-plus)

Titel Leitung
SCEUS-Dok-Kolleg Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sonja Puntscher-Riekmann
SCEUS - Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies
Cultures, Religions and Identities: Areas of Tension and Interdependencies Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gregor Maria Hoff
Department of Systematic Theology
The Arts and their Public Impact: Concepts – Transfer – Resonance

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Klaus (PLUS)
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gratzer (MOZ)
Science and Art research focus area

Immunity in Cancer and Allergy Univ.-Prof. Christian G. Huber
Allergy-Cancer-BioNano Research Centre
Imaging the Mind
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Manuel Schabus
Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience
GIScience Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Blaschke
Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS, Department of Geography & Geology
Grant-funded Cooperative Doctorate School between the Universities of Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (in German) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Benjamin Kneihs