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  • News
    A team led by the Salzburg-based young researcher, Therese Wohlschlager, has developed an approach that allows biopharmaceuticals to be characterized more easily and faster than before, and subsequently, can be produced more cheaply.
    Information Event "Unifinanzierung NEU (Fokus Lehre) und Zielvereinbarungsprozess" will be held Tuesday, 16 October, 2018, from 15:00 to 17:00, Thomas Bernhard Hörsaal in the Unipark.
    Orientation Week takes place from 17 - 21 September, 2018.
    Play with - International Stallcatchers Catchathon 2018!
    On Friday, 7 September, 2018, in Berlin, the project "Making Art, Making Media, Making Change!", by Elke Zobl (Associate Professor of Science & Art), received the European Youth Culture Award (EYCA) in the category of "Science and Research”.
    Exhibition opening and conversation with Jian Haake (Kiel). Date: Thursday, 4 October at 18:30. Location: Room for Art at KunstQuartier, Bergstraße 12a. Exhibition Duration: From 5 October until 9 November, 2018. www.w-k.sbg.ac.at/de/kunstpolemik-polemikkunst/aktuelles
    The University Library Salzburg (Main Library and Faculty Library for Law) opens the door to the public and offers a diverse program.
    Political education has been a general teaching principle in Austria since 1978, that is, an educational and developmental task, which is the responsibility of the teachers of all school subjects and grades. The lecture series will show ways in which democracy education can work in different subjects, so that student teachers and educators have different perspectives on the same fundamental challenge.
    On the occasion of the Long Night of the Museums 2018, the Casting Collection of the University of Salzburg will be open to the public.
    Putting Successful Models Into Perspective in Europe, 26 – 28 September, 2018, Schloss Rif, University of Salzburg. For students there are discounted day tickets!
    New Watercolors • Eva Pötzelsberger
    Important dates and information about registering for courses at the Language Center in the Winter Semester 2018/19.
    Brothers Leopold (6 years) and Ferdinand (4 years) explained to their friends: "We go to UNI during the holidays" and were right. They had places in the fully booked summer care program of the University’s Kinderbüro.
    The Leopold Kohr Academy has organized two events, one in September and another in October, 2018. Together with the University of Salzburg, the institution runs the Kohr Archive.
    On Saturday, 22 September, 2018, at 11:00, the Botanical Garden will be displaying the images of the artist, Karin Wimmeder. Only in fair weather. Alternative date: Saturday, 29 September, 2018, 11:00. Musically accompanied by the rhythm group "Schlagartig.org".
    From Hortus Medicus to Pharma Research. An exhibition of the Association of Botanical Gardens 2018.
    On 6 December, 2018, the University of Salzburg will host the WTZ Training Days on the theme of communication, dissemination and distribution in H2020 projects.
  • Veranstaltungen
  • 19.09.18 ÖFEB-Sektion Sozialpädagogik
    19.09.18 Magnetoencephalography in Salzburg; past, present and future
    20.09.18 ÖFEB-Sektion Sozialpädagogik
    20.09.18 „Reisenotizen und Landschaftsfantasien“ neue Aquarelle • Eva Pötzelsberger
    21.09.18 ÖFEB-Sektion Sozialpädagogik
    25.09.18 Welcome Day/Orientierungstag für Erstsemestrige
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