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Gislene Rodriguez MSc BSc © privat 

Hauptbetreuerin Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anne Koch
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Start 2017
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The path of neoshamanism: Well-being through ritual efficiency of drumming and trance dance

Lebenslauf (auf englisch)

Objectives/Academic Interest

To join a vibrant environment of a rigorous interdisciplinary team, interested in exploring the causes, patterns, consequences and processes of human development. Enjoying opportunities to conduct both lab-based and field research, willing to engage in challenging studies.

To explore and deepen my understanding on the effects of cultural traits, in particular beliefs and language in human groups progress by studying human and non-human populations, where quantitative and qualitative methods can be applied. For instance, anxiety and depression and the role of religious engagement regulating those.

To approach research questions from a Social Science perspective, being able to combine different disciplines such as Psychology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Sociology, History and Religious Studies.


January 2013- November 2014: Master of Science by Research at the University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland.

September 2008- July 2012: Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Honours (2:1 – 1st Division) from the University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland, with emphasis in Research Methods and Social and Evolutionary Psychology.

September 2007-June 2008: National Qualification Adult Business Course at Dundee College, Scotland.

Research Experience

Working on a research project at the University of Abertay Dundee’s Psychology lab under supervision of Dr Christopher Watkins that is : “Women’s consumer behaviour and shoes.” Project that looks at the evolutionary basis of women’s consumption attitude when high fertile, focusing on attraction and rivalry.

Collaborating on “Does religion make you more optimistic?”, and “Assessing creativity in humans: validation of the Remote Association Test (RAT) as a measure of creativity.” projects which are in process for publication.

M. Sc Dissertation on the relationship between religious faith and well-being “Individual differences in the use of Religious Ideology: an investigation into the relationship between religion and anxiety.”

Thesis on "Testing for a relationship between religious faith, academic achievement and coping strategies when facing difficult life events: a cross-cultural study.”  (manuscripts are available in the library of University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland).

Working on the identification of problems that Britain and developing countries have been experiencing in the areas of agriculture, citizenship, community, art and culture development, amongst others; publishing the article “Integration and Ethnic Diversity: Analysing perceptions and opinions of members of minority ethnic groups in Dundee”.

Working Experience

February/ June – 2015 as a research volunteer at the University of Abertay Dundee. Where I am required to recruit and test participants, encode and analyse data, and to prepare results for dissemination. Data is collected at the lab in an experiment designed using SuperLab; in-depth interviews are conducted, and analyses are carried out using SPSS. Design and conduct research falling within BPS (British Psychological Association) ethical guidelines, reporting results using APA (American Psychology Association) style.

2009-2015 Seasonal Tour guide/ Hostess/ Administration at Glamis Castle, Scotland. Duties involve providing historical information in different languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) to a large variety of visitors from different cultures and backgrounds.  Requiring extensive study of Scottish/British history, I research historical facts through books and internet. It also required excellent communication skills for delivering of knowledge and relevant information to groups. In addition, I also carry out administrative duties.

February/ September - 2015 volunteer for non-profit organization “Action for Children” where I deal with young individuals with mental/social issues living away from home needing care and advice.

June 2012 – February 2014 Working as a paid and volunteer research assistant with the EBAB (Evolutionary and Biological Approaches to Behaviour Group) in the Evolutionary Psychology Department, at the University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland. The job required helping with the development of research materials and protocols that test the role of evolution in stress management, recruitment of research participants, conduct experimental tests with research participants, storing and coding data and perform preliminary statistical analyses using SPSS, and aiding in the preparation of output for publication and dissemination. In addition, managing a group of four volunteers and aiding in teaching duties such as marking exams.

June/October 2008 Researcher at the CFSR (Centre for Study & Research), Dundee, Scotland. After working for five months, I published the results of my research on cultural integration in the UK in an article on their magazine.  The job required formulation of appropriate research questions, designing of the study, data collection and analysis and production of the article for publication.  The project involved members of minority ethnic groups, requiring extensive use of people skills and communication skills.

Other jobs have also included: voluntary work with UN translating documents; MIND (mental health organisation); casual volunteer work with various charity organisations in the UK including Bield and Mary Cure; placement of one year as primary school PE  teacher; volunteer at Plymouth College radio station, were I was part of a team running a radio program aiming to promote cultural diversity; I have also worked in retail, as waitress, and in offices doing administrative work.

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