Group Meetings

Timetable 2020

Date Location Speaker Title
12/03/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II Charles Geiger


H2O-Crystal Interactions: Part II - A Microscopic View

19/03/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II Charles Geiger H2O-Crystal Interactions: Part II - A Microscopic View
26/03/20 14:00 NAWI HS 412 Stan Roozen TBA
02/04/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II TBA TBA
08/04/20 FERIEN
16/04/20 FERIEN
23/04/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II John Dunlop TBA
30/04/2013:00 ITZLING HS II TBA TBA
07/05/2014:00 Werner Hofmann Alpha particle microdosimetry in the lungs: variablity of energy deposition at the cellular level
14/05/2013:00 ITZLING HS II TBA TBA
21/05/20 FEIERTAG
28/05/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II TBA TBA
04/06/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II TBA TBA
11/06/20 FEIERTAG
18/06/20 14:00 NAWI HS 411 Bernhard Seiwald(The Australian National University) Fusion. Some Basics
25/06/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II Maurizio Musso Multi-Wavelength Raman Spectroscopy of Poly(Furfuryl Alcohol)

Past Talks (2017/2018/2019)

Title Date
Joshua Feinberg, University of Minnesota, MN Beyond paleomagnetism: What magnetic minerals tell us about pollution, biology, archaeology, and climate change. 20/01/2020
Paolo Sereni  Platforms for physical computing 16/01/20
Raphael Berger A short story about molecular magnetic response; Part 2 09/01/20
Helmut Mayer
Department of Computer Sciences
Evolutionary Computation - Principles and Applications 19/12/19
Roumiana Tsenkova
Kobe University, Japan
Aquaphotomics Principles and Applications 05/12/19
Michael Discher
Department of Geography and Geology
The Luminescence Laboratory at the University of Salzburg 28/11/19
Silviya Ninova Porphyrin derivatives at surfaces: A theoretical perspective 14/11/19
John Dunlop Issues in Discrete Geometry - Problems linking real measurements to idealised geometries 07/11/19
Andreas Roschger Mechanostransduction - From Macroscopic Forces to the Cellular Response 31/10/19
Raphael Berger A short story about molecular magnetic response;
Part 1
Vikas Raj Sharma Lightsheet Microscopy - Physics, Technique, and Applications 26/08/19
Andreas Roschger Mechanostransduction - From Macroscopic Forces to the Cellular Response 19/08/19
Andreas Roschger &
Vikas Raj Sharma
Hydrogels as novel 3D scaffolds for cell culture 29/07/19
Scarabattoli Letizia Characterization by Raman spectroscopy of co-aggregation processes of protein systems 23/07/19
Vikas Raj Sharma 3D microscopy analysis of silver nanoparticle distribution and hepatocyte ultra structure in a liver like model. 15/07/19
Lorena Ruiz Rodriguez (MPI CI) Osmotic pressure effect on collagen mimetic peptides 08/07/19
Christoph Trenzinger (STRATEC) Microfluidic Chip development for single-cell imaging 01/07/19
Peter Hingsamer
Paolo Sereni
Astronomy in the Physics Studies 24/06/19
Paolo Sereni Astronomy at the Vega Observatory 17/06/19
Maurizio Musso

Andreas Reyer
Characterization of Tannin Rigid Foams at PLUS

From chaotic approached to highly ordered substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Lukas Pichelstorfer Highly oxygenated organic molecules (HOM) and its Atmospheric Relevance 27/05/19
Heidi Pertl-Obermeyer Multi-protein complexes: Dynamics and interactions of membrane proteins drive plant cell functions 20/05/19
Gerhard Obermeyer Go with the flow or down the gurgler: the pollen‘s dilemma with water 13/05/19
Raghed Restom 3D characterization of the microarchitecture of carbon and silica structures 06/05/19
Michael Grodzicki Physical laws - falsifiable by experiments? 29/04/19
Werner Hofmann /     Herbert Lettner Radon transfer from thermal water to human organs in radon therapy: exhalation measurements and model simulations. 08/04/19
John Dunlop Introduction to Computed Tomography 01/04/19
Gilles Bourret Three-Dimensional Lithography – An Electrochemical Approach 25/03/19
Alexander Brandl (Colorado State University) System oriented models for impact and application of ionizing radiation and radiation protection 18/03/19
Simone Prokrant Material Design for photochemical applications – solar water splitting with nanostructured LaTiO2N 11/03/19
Georg Steinhauser (Leibniz Universität Hannover)  From radioecology to environmental nuclear forensics 07/03/19
Silviya Ninova (Uni-Bern - CH) Surface properties of the anion-disordered oxynitride LaTiO2N 04/10/18
Werner Lottermoser The Uniting of Spectroscopy and Diffractometry to the Common Benefit of Nanoscience 28/06/18
Barbara Schamberger Minimal surfaces  –  The story of a biologist and differential geometry 21/06/18
Günther Redhammer What diffraction can teach us on structure and dynamics in minerals and materials 07/06/18

Michaela Eder (MPIKG)

Plant Material Adaptation 17/05/18
Lukas Pichelstorfer Aerosol dynamics: recent developments in modeling and data analysis 03/05/18
Werner Hofmann Modeling inhaled particle deposition in the human lung 05/04/18
Christian Pruner Low energy neutron interferometry &  the phase problem of diffraction 22/03/18
Herbert Lettner Alpine cryoconites - a radionuclide and pollutant archive 15/03/18
John Dunlop Modelling of Pattern Formation on Surfaces. A Discussion of Active Particle Models 08/03/18
Andreas Reyer Temperature-dependent, THz and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy 25/01/18
Durval Bertoldo-Menezes Glass transition of PMMA by Perturbation-Correlation Moving-Windows two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy (PCMW2D) and Raman spectroscopy 18/01/18
Paolo Sereni Data Acquisition: at the interface between physical systems and engineering science 11/01/18
Maurizio Musso Raman spectroscopy at the University of Salzburg 21/12/17
Baris Malcioglu Porphyrins on surfaces and their electrophysical properties 14/12/17
Michel Bockstedte Solid State Physics: from defect properties to reactions at surfaces 07/12/17
Pierre Madl Coherence Monitor - Prototyping and testing for UPE-measurements 23/11/17
John Dunlop An Introduction to the MorphoPhysics Group 16/11/17
  • News
    The 6th annual conference on 6.migration and integration research in Austria took place from the 16 to 18 September at the der University of Salzburg – partly in person, partly online. A resolution for the reception of refugees from Moria was approved.
    As part of its profile „Räume und Identitäten (Spaces and Identities)“ the third annual conference was held on the 30th January 2020 at the Department of Public, International and European Law at the University of Salzburg. The conference with the title „Lebensende in Institutionen ( End of Life in Institutions)" raised a controversial social issue.
    Applications for two dissertation prizes (worth 2,000 euros each) can be made until the 31st October.
    This semester from the 28.09.2020 personal registration for USI courses will not be possible in order to avoid unnecessary crowds of people.
    The Armenian religous anthropologist Dr. Yulia Antonyan (Jerevan State University) and the Austrian Armenologist and Head of the ZECO Centre for the Study of the Christian East, Univ.Doz.Dr.Dr.h.c. Jasmine Dum-Tragut Bakk.rer.nat., are among the winners of an international research competition in Armenia.
    Important dates and information on registering for courses at the Language Centre in Winter Semester 2020/21
    historioPLUS , like so many others, has also had to adapt to the change in circumstances due to Covid-19. For this reason the current year has appeared a little later than in previous years.
    The Language Center has been active in the field of intercomprehension didactics for almost 20 years,Well-known multilingual didactics experts, came together to present the current state of research in this area.The result is the anthology "Lehr- und Lernkompetenzen für die Interkompehension. Perspektiven für die mehrsprachige Bildung (Teaching and Learning Skills for Intercomprehension. Perspectives for Multilingual Education)"Band 10 der Salzburger Reihe zur Lehrer/innen/bildung.
    Registration for the webinars with Ms MMag. Dr. Olivia Vrabl, colleagues from IT-Services and the ZFL-Team is possible at anytime.
    Programme management and discussion moderation: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sabine Coelsch-Foisner
    During the time of Corona, in particular, it became clear just how important it is to support students digitally in their every day university life. The project „On Track“ – stay on track combines digital and social worlds. It is starting at the right time!
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