Aktuelle Publikationen des Fachbereichs

April - Juni 2019

Alonso-Marcos H, Nardi F D, Scheffknecht S, Tribsch A, Hulber K, Dobes, C. Difference in reproductive mode rather than ploidy explains niche differentiation in sympatric sexual and apomictic populations of Potentilla puberula. Ecol Evol (2019). 9(6): 3588-3598.

Antonucci Di Carvalho J, Wickham S A. Simulating eutrophication in a metacommunity landscape: an aquatic model ecosystem. Oecologia  (2019. 189(2): 461-474.

Asllani F H, Schurz M, Bresgen N, Eckl P M, Alija A J. Genotoxicity risk assessment in fish (Rutilus rutilus) from two contaminated rivers in the Kosovo. Sci Total Environ (2019). 676: 429-435.

Barbosa da Silva E, Dall E, Briza P, Brandstetter H, Ferreira R S. Cruzain structures: apocruzain and cruzain bound to S-methyl thiomethanesulfonate and implications for drug design. Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun (2019). 75(Pt 6): 419-427.

Bardele C F, Stockmann N, Agatha S. Some Ultrastructural Features of the Planktonic Freshwater Ciliate Limnostrombidium viride (Alveolata, Ciliophora, Oligotrichida) and Improved Diagnoses of Oligotrich Taxa. Acta Protozool (2019). 57(3): 169-193.

Boachon B, Lynch J H, Ray S, Yuan J, Caldo K M P, Junker R R, Kessler S A, Morgan J A, Dudareva N. Natural fumigation as a mechanism for volatile transport between flower organs. Nat Chem Biol (2019). 15(6): 583-588.

Brandt K, Dotterl S, Fuchs R, Navarro Dmdaf, Machado I C S, Dobler D, Reiser O, Ayasse M, Milet-Pinheiro P. Subtle Chemical Variations with Strong Ecological Significance: Stereoselective Responses of Male Orchid Bees to Stereoisomers of Carvone Epoxide. J Chem Ecol (2019). 45(5-6): 464-473.

Cordeiro, G D, Fernandes Dos Santos I G, Silva C I D, Schlindwein C, Alves-Dos-Santos I, Dotterl S. Nocturnal floral scent profiles of Myrtaceae fruit crops. Phytochemistry (2019). 162: 193-198.

Costa L E, Alves P T, Carneiro A P, Dias A C S, Fujimura P T, Araujo G R, Tavares G S V, Ramos F F, Duarte M C, Menezes-Souza D, Briza P, Briza F F, Coelho E A F, Goulart L R. Leishmania infantum beta-Tubulin Identified by Reverse Engineering Technology through Phage Display Applied as Theranostic Marker for Human Visceral Leishmaniasis. Int J Mol Sci (2019). 20(8).

Danella Figo D, De Amicis K, Neiva Santos de Aquino D, Pomiecinski F, Gadermaier G, Briza P, Eduardo Santos Galvao C, Bussador do Amaral J, de Oliveira Martins C, Fernandes Morato Castro F, Kalil J, Souza Santos K. Cashew Tree Pollen: An Unknown Source of IgE-Reactive Molecules. Int J Mol Sci (2019). 20(10).

Eichhorn S, Horschlager A, Steiner M, Laimer J, Jensen B M, Versteeg S A, Pablos I, Briza P, Jongejan L, Rigby N, Asturias J A, Portoles A, Fernandez-Rivas M, Papadopoulos N G, Mari A, Poulsen L K, Lackner P, van Ree R, Ferreira F, Gadermaier G. Rational Design, Structure-Activity Relationship and Immunogenicity of Hypoallergenic Pru p 3 Variants. Mol Nutr Food Res (2019). e1900336.

Fang H, Zogg T, Brandstetter H. Maturation of coagulation factor IX during Xase formation as deduced using factor VIII-derived peptides. FEBS Open Bio (2019).

Feichtinger R G, Mucha B E, Hengel H, Orfi Z, Makowski C, Dort J, D'Anjou G, Nguyen T T M, Buchert R, Juenger H, Freisinger P, Baumeister S, Schoser B, Ahting U, Keimer R, Nguyen C E, Fabre P, Gauthier J, Miguet M, Lopes F, AlHakeem A, AlHashem A, Tabarki B, Kandaswamy K K, Bauer P, Steinbacher P, Prokisch H, Sturm M, Strom T M, Ellezam B, Mayr J A, Schols L, Michaud J L, Campeau P M, Haack T B, Dumont N A. Biallelic variants in the transcription factor PAX7 are a new genetic cause of myopathy. Genet Med  (2019).

Ferreira F, Hubinger G, Spangfort M D. Legends of Allergy and Immunology: From a curious mind to a world class scientist-A brief biography of Professor T.P. King. Allergy (2019).

Foissner I, Hoeftberger M. Chemical Fixation, Immunofluorescence, and Immunogold Labeling of Electron Microscopical Sections. Methods Mol Biol (2019). 1992: 43-62.

Gao Z S, Fu W Y, Zhao L, Gao L, Zhou J Y, Gao B Y, Wu S, Versteeg S A, Ferreira F, Gadermaier G, van Ree R.. Localization of Four Allergens in Artemisia Pollen by Immunofluorescent Antibodies. Int Arch Allergy Immunol (2019). 179(3): 165-172.

Glueck M, Hamminger C, Fefer M, Liu J, Plaetzer K. Save the crop: Photodynamic Inactivation of plant pathogens I: bacteria. Photochem Photobiol Sci (2019).

Gruber M S, Muhlthaler A, Agatha S. Ultrastructural Studies on a Model Tintinnid - Schmidingerella meunieri (Kofoid and Campbell, 1929) Agatha and Struder-Kypke, 2012 (Ciliophora). I. Somatic Kinetids with Unique Ultrastructure. Acta Protozool (2019). 57(3): 195-214.

Karimpour M, Feizi M A H, Mahdavi M, Krammer B, Verwanger T, Najafi F, Babaei E. Development of curcumin-loaded gemini surfactant nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of anticancer activity against human breast cancer cell lines. Phytomedicine (2019). 57: 183-190.   

Kittl M, Jakab M, Steininger T S, Ritter M, Kerschbaum H H. A Swelling-Activated Chloride Current in Microglial Cells is Suppressed by Epac and Facilitated by PKA - Impact on Phagocytosis. Cell Physiol Biochem (2019). 52(5): 951-969.

Kratzer B, Kohler C, Hofer S, Smole U, Trapin D, Iturri J, Pum D, Kienzl P, Elbe-Burger A, Gattinger P, Mittermann I, Linhart B, Gadermaier G, Jahn-Schmid B, Neunkirchner A, Valenta R, Pickl W F. Prevention of allergy by virus-like nanoparticles (VNP) delivering shielded versions of major allergens in a humanized murine allergy model. Allergy (2019). 74(2): 246-260.

Maia A C D, Grimm C, Schubert M, Etl F, Goncalves E G, Do Amaral Ferraz Navarro D M, Schulz S, Dotterl S. Correction to: Novel floral scent compounds from night-blooming Araceae pollinated by cyclocephaline scarabs (Melolonthidae, Cyclocephalini). J Chem Ecol (2019). 45(2): 214-215.

Maia A C D, Grimm C, Schubert M, Etl F, Goncalves E G, Do Amaral Ferraz Navarro D M, Schulz S, Dotterl S. Novel Floral Scent Compounds from Night-Blooming Araceae Pollinated by Cyclocephaline Scarabs (Melolonthidae, Cyclocephalini). J Chem Ecol (2019). 45(2): 204-213.

Maleki H, Shahbazi M A, Montes S, Hosseini S H, Eskandari M R, Zaunschirm S, Verwanger T, Mathur S, Milow B, Krammer B, Husing N. Mechanically Strong Silica-Silk Fibroin Bioaerogel: A Hybrid Scaffold with Ordered Honeycomb Micromorphology and Multiscale Porosity for Bone Regeneration. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces (2019). 11(19): 17256-17269.

Mayr B, Muller E E, Schafer C, Droese S, Breitenbach-Koller H, Schonfelder M, Niebauer J. Exercise responsive micro ribonucleic acids identify patients with coronary artery disease. Eur J Prev Cardiol (2019). 26(4): 348-355.

Muller A, Gasch J, Albring K F, Aberger F, Nivarthi H, Khemeri M, Moriggl R, Friedrich K H. Interplay of transcription factors STAT3, STAT1 and AP-1 mediates activity of the matrix metallo-proteinase-1 promoter in colorectal carcinoma cells. Neoplasma (2019). 66(3): 357-366.

Peer E, Tesanovic S, Aberger F. Next-Generation Hedgehog/GLI Pathway Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy. Cancers (Basel) (2019). 11(4).

Qu Z, Groben R, Marteinsson V, Agatha S, Filker S, Stoeck T. Redescription of Dexiotricha colpidiopsis (Kahl, 1926) Jankowski, 1964 (Ciliophora, Oligohymenophorea) from a Hot Spring in Iceland with Identification Key for Dexiotricha species. Acta Protozool (2019). 57(2): 95-106.

Riediker M, Zink D, Kreyling W, Oberdorster G, Elder A, Graham U, Lynch I, Duschl A, Ichihara G, Ichihara S, Kobayashi T, Hisanaga N, Umezawa M, Cheng T J, Handy R, Gulumian M, Tinkle S, Cassee F. Particle toxicology and health - where are we? Part Fibre Toxicol (2019).16(1): 19.

Scarnato L, Gadermaier G, Volta U, De Giorgio R, Caio G, Lanciotti R, Del Duca S. Immunoreactivity of Gluten-Sensitized Sera Toward Wheat, Rice, Corn, and Amaranth Flour Proteins Treated With Microbial Transglutaminase. Front Microbiol (2019). 10: 470.

Schallmoser A, Raab M, Karn T, Konigsberger S, Schmidt E, Breitenbach-Koller H, Sanger N. Quantitative analysis of the sHLA-G protein in seminal plasma. Am J Reprod Immunol (2019). e13152.

Sgouras D, Tegtmeyer N, Wessler S. Activity and Functional Importance of Helicobacter pylori Virulence Factors. Adv Exp Med Biol (2019).

Soh W T, Aglas L, Mueller G A, Gilles S, Weiss R, Scheiblhofer S, Huber S, Scheidt T, Thompson P M, Briza P, London R E, Traidl-Hoffmann C, Cabrele C, Brandstetter H, Ferreira F. Multiple roles of Bet v 1 ligands in allergen stabilization and modulation of endosomal protease activity. Allergy (2019).

Verhoeckx K, Bogh K L, Dupont D, Egger L, Gadermaier G, Larre C, Mackie A, Menard O, Adel-Patient K, Picariello G, Portmann R, Smit J, Turner P, Untersmayr E, Epstein M M. The relevance of a digestibility evaluation in the allergenicity risk assessment of novel proteins. Opinion of a joint initiative of COST action ImpARAS and COST action INFOGEST. Food Chem Toxicol (2019). 129: 405-423.

Wu X, Chu L, Xi L, Pertl-Obermeyer H, Li Z, Sklodowski K, Sanchez-Rodriguez C, Obermeyer G, Schulze W X. Sucrose-Induced Receptor Kinase 1 is modulated by an interacting kinase with short extracellular domain. Mol Cell Proteomics (2019).

Xu H, Zhou G, Dotterl S, Schaffler I, von Arx M, Roder G, Degen T, Chen L, Turlings T C J. The Combined Use of an Attractive and a Repellent Sex Pheromonal Component by a Gregarious Parasitoid. J Chem Ecol (2019).

Zaborsky N, Gassner F J, Hopner J P, Schubert M, Hebenstreit D, Stark R, Asslaber D, Steiner M, Geisberger R, Greil R, Egle A. Exome sequencing of the TCL1 mouse model for CLL reveals genetic heterogeneity and dynamics during disease development. Leukemia (2019). 33(4): 957-968.

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    Das Zentrum zur Erforschung des Christlichen Ostens (ZECO) der Universität Salzburg hielt vom 20. bis 27. Juni 2019 einen der größten internationalen Wissenschaftskongresse Kasachstans ab.
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