Current Publications of the Department

October - December 2020

Ahumada V, Manotas M, Zakzuk J, Aglas L, Coronado S, Briza P, Lackner P, Regino R, Araujo G, Ferreira F, Caraballo L. Identification and Physicochemical Characterization of a New Allergen from Ascaris lumbricoides. Int J Mol Sci 21(24) (2020).

Blöchl C, Regl C, Huber CG, Winter P, Weiss R, Wohlschlager T. Towards middle-up analysis of polyclonal antibodies: subclass-specific N-glycosylation profiling of murine immunoglobulin G (IgG) by means of HPLC-MS. Sci Rep 10(1): 18080 (2020).

Braunschmid H,  Dötterl S. Does the Rarity of a Flower's Scent Phenotype in a Deceptive Orchid Explain Its Pollination Success? Front Plant Sci 11: 584081 (2020).

Di Carvalho JA, Wickham SA. Does spatiotemporal nutrient variation allow more species to coexist? Oecologia 194(4): 695-707 (2020).

Di Muzio M, Wildner S, Huber S, Hauser M, Vejvar E, Auzinger W, Regl C, Laimer J, Zennaro D, Wopfner N, Huber CG, van Ree R, Mari A, Lackner P, Ferreira F, Schubert M, Gadermaier G. Hydrogen/deuterium exchange memory NMR reveals structural epitopes involved in IgE cross-reactivity of allergenic lipid transfer proteins. J Biol Chem (2020).

Eberle J, Ahrens D, Mayer C, Niehuis O, Misof B. A Plea for Standardized Nuclear Markers in Metazoan DNA Taxonomy. Trends Ecol Evol 35(4): 336-345 (2020).

Eckhard U, Blöchl C, Jenkins BGL, Mansfield MJ, HuberCG, DoxeyAC, Brandstetter H. Identification and characterization of the proteolytic flagellin from the common freshwater bacterium Hylemonella gracilis. Sci Rep 10(1): 19052 (2020).

El-Sayed N, Korotchenko E, Scheiblhofer S, Weiss R, Schneider M. Functionalized multifunctional nanovaccine for targeting dendritic cells and modulation of immune response. Int J Pharm 593: 120123 (2021).

Esser-Skala W, Segl M, Wohlschlager T, Reisinger V, Holzmann J, Huber CG. Exploring sample preparation and data evaluation strategies for enhanced identification of host cell proteins in drug products of therapeutic antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins. Anal Bioanal Chem 412(24): 6583-6593 (2020).

Farre-Armengol G, Fernandez-Martinez M, Filella I, Junker RR, Penuelas J. Deciphering the Biotic and Climatic Factors That Influence Floral Scents: A Systematic Review of Floral Volatile Emissions. Front Plant Sci 11: 1154 (2020).

Ghosh N, Sircar G, Asam C, Wolf M, Hauser M, Saha S, Ferreira F, Bhattacharya SG. Purification and biochemical characterization of Hel a 6, a cross-reactive pectate lyase allergen from Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) pollen. Sci Rep 10(1): 20177 (2020).

Hollbacher B, Duhen T, Motley S, Klicznik MM, Gratz IK, Campbell DJ. Transcriptomic Profiling of Human Effector and Regulatory T Cell Subsets Identifies Predictive Population Signatures. Immunohorizons 4(10): 585-596 (2020).

Huber S, van der Kleij H, Wildner S, Wolf M, Wallner M, Hofer H, Asam C, Briza P, Ferreira F, Hauser M. Chemical modification of ragweed extract results in an increased safety profile while maintaining immunogenicity. Allergy (2020).

Klaps  J, de Vega C, Herrera C M, Junker RR, Lievens B, Alvarez-Perez S. Candida metrosideri pro tempore sp. nov. and Candida ohialehuae pro tempore sp. nov., two antifungal-resistant yeasts associated with Metrosideros polymorpha flowers in Hawaii. PLoS One 15(10): e0240093 (2020).

Kohlberger M, Wildner S, Regl C, Huber CG, Gadermaier G. Rituximab-specific DNA aptamers are able to selectively recognize heat-treated antibodies. PLoS One 15(11): e0241560 (2020).

Laimer J, Lackner P. MHCII3D-Robust Structure Based Prediction of MHC II Binding Peptides. Int J Mol Sci 22(1) (2020).

Li J, Rinnerthaler M, Hartl J, Weber M, Karl T, Breitenbach-Koller H, Mulleder M, Vowinckel J, Marx H, Sauer M, Mattanovich D, Ata O, De S, Greslehner GP, Geltinger F, Burhans B, Grant C, Doronina V, Ralser M, Streubel MK, Grabner C, Jarolim, S, Mosshammer C, Gourlay CW, Hasek J, Cullen PJ, Liti G, Ralser M, Breitenbach M. Slow Growth and Increased Spontaneous Mutation Frequency in Respiratory Deficient afo1 (-) Yeast Suppressed by a Dominant Mutation in ATP3. G3 (Bethesda) 10(12): 4637-4648 (2020).

Milet-Pinheiro P, Domingos-Melo A, Olivera JB, Albuquerque NSL, Costa, ACG, Albuquerque-Lima S, Silva MFR, Navarro Dma, Maia ACD, Gundersen LL, Schubert M, Dotterl S, Machado IC. A Semivolatile Floral Scent Marks the Shift to a Novel Pollination System in Bromeliads. Curr Biol (2020).

Papadiamantis AG, Klaessig FC, Exner, TE, Hofer S, Hofstaetter N, Himly M, Williams MA, Doganis P, Hoover MD, Afantitis A, Melagraki G, Nolan TS, Rumble J, Maier D, Lynch I. Metadata Stewardship in Nanosafety Research: Community-Driven Organisation of Metadata Schemas to Support FAIR Nanoscience Data. Nanomaterials (Basel) 10(10) (2020).

Paul K, Bottinger, K, Mitic BM, Scherfler G, Posch C, Behrens D, Huber CG, Herwig C. Development, characterization, and application of a 2-Compartment system to investigate the impact of pH inhomogeneities in large-scale CHO-based processes. Eng Life Sci 20(8): 368-378 (2020).

Pinheiro DF, Szenes-Nagy AB, Maurano MM, Lietzenmayer M, Klicznik MM, Holly R, Kirchmeier D, Kitzmueller S, Achatz-Straussberger G, Rosenblum MD, Thalhamer J, Abbas AK, Gratz IK. Cutting Edge: Tissue Antigen Expression Levels Fine-Tune T Cell Differentiation Decisions In Vivo. J Immunol 205(10): 2577-2582 (2020).

Plamberger CP, Van Wijk HE, Kerschbaum H, Pletzer BA, Gruber G, Oberascher K, Dresler M, Hahn MA, Hoedlmoser K. Impact of menstrual cycle phase and oral contraceptives on sleep and overnight memory consolidation. J Sleep Res: e13239 (2020).

Pointner L, Bethanis A, Thaler M, Traidl-Hoffmann C, Gilles S, Ferreira F, Aglas L. Initiating pollen sensitization - complex source, complex mechanisms. Clin Transl Allergy 10: 36 (2020).

Prutsch N, Gurnhofer E, Suske T, Liang H C, Schlederer M, Roos S, Wu L C, Simonitsch-Klupp I, Alvarez-Hernandez A, Kornauth C, Leone D A, Svinka J, Eferl R, Limberger T, Aufinger A, Shirsath N, Wolf P, Hielscher T, Aberger F, Schmoellerl J, Stoiber D, Strobl B, Jager U, Staber P B, Grebien F, Moriggl R, Muller M, Inghirami G G, Sanda T, Look A T, Turner S D, Kenner L, Merkel O. Correction: Dependency on the TYK2/STAT1/MCL1 axis in anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Leukemia 34(11): 3105 (2020).

Raspotnig G, Anderl F, Kunert O, Schaider M, Bruckner A, Schubert M, Dotterl S, Fuchs R, Leis HJ. A Novel Class of Defensive Compounds in Harvestmen: Hydroxy-gamma-Lactones from the Phalangiid Egaenus convexus. J Nat Prod 83(11): 3278-3286 (2020).

Rauer D, Gilles S, Wimmer M, Frank U, Mueller C, Musiol S, Vafadari B, Aglas L, Ferreira F, Schmitt-Kopplin P, Durner J, Winkler JB, Ernst D, Behrendt H, Schmidt-Weber CB, Traidl-Hoffmann, C, Alessandrini F. Ragweed plants grown under elevated CO2 levels produce pollen which elicit stronger allergic lung inflammation. Allergy (2020).

Rieksta J, Li T, Junker RR, Jepsen JU, Ryde I, Rinnan R. Insect Herbivory Strongly Modifies Mountain Birch Volatile Emissions. Front Plant Sci 11: 558979 (2020).

Sarajlic M, Neuper T, Vetter J, Schaller S, Klicznik MM, Gratz IK, Wessler S, Posselt G, Horejs-Hoeck J. H. pylori modulates DC functions via T4SS/TNFalpha/p38-dependent SOCS3 expression. Cell Commun Signal 18(1): 160 (2020).

Scheiner R, Strauss S, Thamm M, Farre-Armengol G, Junker RR. The Bacterium Pantoea ananatis Modifies Behavioral Responses to Sugar Solutions in Honeybees. Insects 11(10) (2020).

Swartzwelter BJ, Fux AC, Johnson L, Swart E, Hofer S, Hofstatter N, Geppert M, Italian P, Boraschi D, Duschl A, Himly M. The Impact of Nanoparticles on Innate Immune Activation by Live Bacteria. Int J Mol Sci 21(24) (2020).

Swoboda A, Soukup R, Eckel O, Kinslechner K, Wingelhofer B, Schorghofer D, Sternberg C, Pham HTT, Vallianou M, Horvath J, Stoiber D, Kenner L, Larue L, Poli V, Beermann F, Yokota T, Kubicek S, Krausgruber T, Rendeiro AF, Bock C, Zenz R, Kovacic B, Aberger F, Hengstschlager M, Petzelbauer P, Mikula M, Moriggl R. STAT3 promotes melanoma metastasis by CEBP-induced repression of the MITF pathway. Oncogene (2020).

Zhao L, Fu W, Gao B, Liu Y, Wu S, Chen Z, Zhang X, Wang H, Feng Y, Wang X, Wang H, Lan T, Liu M, Wang X, Sun Y, Luo F, Gadermaier G, Ferreira F, Versteeg SA, Akkerdaas JH, Wang D, Valenta R, Vrtala S, Gao Z, van Ree R. Variation in IgE binding potencies of seven Artemisia species depending on content of major allergens. Clin Transl Allergy 10(1): 50 (2020).

Zissler  A, Stoiber W, Steinbacher P, Geissenberger J, Monticelli FC, Pittner S. Postmortem Protein Degradation as a Tool to Estimate the PMI: A Systematic Review. Diagnostics (Basel) 10(12) (2020).

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    The Project Application BioMat-TEM with the total volume of €1,948 million within the Framework of the Infrastructure funding from the Austrian Research Promotion Agenvy (FFG) has been approved.
    Six researchers from Europe and the USA were recently honored with the prestigious IFIP TC13 Pioneer Award for outstanding contributions on the topic of Human-Computer Interaction worldwide.Among them is the Head of HCI at the PLUS, Prof. Manfred Tscheligi.
    Prof. Dr. Jude Lal Fernando, Assistant Professor at the Irish School of Ecumenics at Trinity College Dublin, will be holding lectures in SS 2021 on the topic of "Interreligious Relations in Asia" at the Centre for Intercultural Theology in the area of Religious Studies.
    Invitation to the online conference: Corona - a catastrophe?
    The programme for the summer semester is now online and the courses will be released shortly. We have improved our entrepreneurship courses. register by the 14th March 2021.
    The restrictions of the pandemic – not only at the university – are becoming even more testing. Thank to everyone who, despite all the difficulties, has helped to keep the university running as best they can.
    Challenges, processes and ambivalences -ÖFEB Social Pedagogy Section Series, Volume 6
    After talks with the ministry and intensive consultation with the deans, the rectorate of the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg has decided that exams should generally only be conducted online at the moment. The following points apply here:
    We would like to remind you of the Call for Lectures, which is still open until 28th February. Apply to be a lecturer at the ditact_women‘s IT summer studies, which will take place from the 23rd August.- 04th September 2021 at the University of Salzburg. It is very important to us to also support young female lecturers. E
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