Current Publications of the Department

July - September 2020

Benedetti B, Dannehl D. Konig R, Coviello S, Kreutzer C, Zaunmair P, Jakubecova D, Weiger T M, Aigner L, Nacher J, Engelhardt M, Couillard-Despres S. Functional Integration of Neuronal Precursors in the Adult Murine Piriform Cortex. Cereb Cortex 30(3): 1499-1515 (2020).

Bernegger S, Brunner C, Vizovisek M, Fonovic M, Cuciniello G, Giordano F, Stanojlovic V, Jarzab M, Simister P, Feller S M, Obermeyer G, Posselt G, Turk B, Cabrele C, Schneider G, Wessler S. A novel FRET peptide assay reveals efficient Helicobacter pylori HtrA inhibition through zinc and copper binding. Sci Rep 10(1): 10563 (2020).

Buchner O, Steiner P, Andosch A, Holzinger A, Stegner M, Neuner G, Lutz-Meindl U. A new technical approach for preparing frozen biological samples for electron microscopy. Plant Methods 16: 48 (2020).

Chichirau B E, Scheidt T, Diechler S, Neuper T, Horejs-Hoeck J, Huber C G, Posselt G, Wessler S. Dissecting the Helicobacter pylori-regulated transcriptome of B cells. Pathog Dis (2020).

Dall E, Zauner F B, Soh W T, Demir F, Dahms S O, Cabrele C, Huesgen P F, Brandstetter H. Structural and functional studies of Arabidopsis thaliana legumain beta reveal isoform specific mechanisms of activation and substrate recognition. J Biol Chem 295(37): 13047-13064 (2020).

Farre-Armengol G, Fernandez-Martinez M, Filella I, Junker R R, Penuelas J. Deciphering the Biotic and Climatic Factors That Influence Floral Scents: A Systematic Review of Floral Volatile Emissions. Front Plant Sci 11: 1154 (2020).

Fiebig T, Cramer J T, Bethe A, Baruch P, Curth U, Fuhring J I, Buettner F F R, Vogel U, Schubert M, Fedorov R, Muhlenhoff M. Structural and mechanistic basis of capsule O-acetylation in Neisseria meningitidis serogroup A. Nat Commun 11(1): 4723 (2020).

Foissner I, Hoeftberger M, Hoepflinger M C, Sommer A, Bulychev A A. Brefeldin A inhibits clathrin-dependent endocytosis and ion transport in Chara internodal cells. Biol Cell (2020).

Gimenes S N C, Aglas L, Wildner S, Huber S, Silveira A C P, Lopes D S, Rodrigues R S, Goulart L R, Briza P, Ferreira F, de Melo Rodrigues Avila V, Gadermaier G. Biochemical and functional characterization of a new recombinant phospholipase A2 inhibitor from Crotalus durissus collilineatus snake serum. Int J Biol Macromol (2020).

Grund-Groschke S, Ortner D, Szenes-Nagy A B, Zaborsky N, Weiss R, Neureiter D, Wipplinger M, Risch A, Hammerl P, Greil R, Sibilia M, Gratz I K, Stoitzner P, Aberger F. Epidermal activation of Hedgehog signaling establishes an immunosuppressive microenvironment in basal cell carcinoma by modulating skin immunity. Mol Oncol 14(9): 1930-1946 (2020).

Gutjahr J C, Bayer E, Yu X, Laufer  J M, Hopner J P, Tesanovic S, Harzschel A, Auer G, Riess T, Salmhofer A, Szenes E, Haslauer T, Durand-Onayli V, Ramspacher A, Pennisi S P, Artinger M, Zaborsky N, Chigaev A, Aberger F, Neureiter D, Pleyer L, Legler, D F, Orian-Rousseau V, Greil R, Hartmann T N. CD44 engagement enhances acute myeloid leukemia cell adhesion to the bone marrow microenvironment by increasing VLA-4 avidity. Haematologica (2020).

Hinterholzer A, Stanojlovic V, Regl C, Huber C G, Cabrele C, Schubert M. Identification and Quantification of Oxidation Products in Full-Length Biotherapeutic Antibodies by NMR Spectroscopy. Anal Chem 92(14): 9666-9673 (2020).

Jarzab M, Posselt G, Meisner-Kober N, Wessler S. Helicobacter pylori-Derived Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs): Role in Bacterial Pathogenesis? Microorganisms 8(9) (2020).

Joubert A I, Geppert M, Johnson L, Mills-Goodlet R, Michelini S, Korotchenko E, Duschl A, Weiss R, Horejs-Hock J, Himly M. Mechanisms of Particles in Sensitization, Effector Function and Therapy of Allergic Disease. Front Immunol 11: 1334 (2020).

Klicznik M M, Benedetti A, Gail L M, Varkhande S R, Holly R, Laimer M, Stoecklinger A, Sir A, Reitsamer R, Neuper T, Horejs-Hoeck J, Rosenblum M D, Campbell D J, Murauer E M, Gratz I K. A novel humanized mouse model to study the function of human cutaneous memory T cells in vivo in human skin. Sci Rep 10(1): 11164 (2020).

Konstantinovic J, Yahiaoui S, Alhayek A, Haupenthal J, Schonauer E, Andreas A, Kany A M, Muller R, Koehnke J, Berger, F K, Bischoff M, Hartmann R W, Brandstetter, H, Hirsch A K H. N-Aryl-3-mercaptosuccinimides as Antivirulence Agents Targeting Pseudomonas aeruginosa Elastase and Clostridium Collagenases. J Med Chem 63(15): 8359-8368 (2020).

Korotchenko E, Schiessl V, Scheiblhofer S, Schubert M, Dall E, Joubert I A, Strandt H, Neuper T, Sarajlic M, Bauer R, Geppert M, Joedicke D, Wildner S, Schaller S, Winkler S, Gadermaier G, Horejs-Hoeck J, Weiss R. Laser-facilitated epicutaneous immunotherapy with hypoallergenic beta-glucan neoglycoconjugates suppresses lung inflammation and avoids local side effects in a mouse model of allergic asthma. Allergy (2020).

Lametschwandtner A, Minnich B. Microvascular anatomy of ovary and oviduct in the adult African Clawed Toad (Xenopus laevis DAUDIN, 1802)-Histomorphology and scanning electron microscopy of vascular corrosion casts. Anat Histol Embryol (2020).

Muller A T, Posselt G, Gabernet G, Neuhaus C, Bachler S, Blatter M, Pfeiffer B, Hiss J A, Dittrich P S, Altmann K H, Wessler S, Schneider G. Morphing of Amphipathic Helices to Explore the Activity and Selectivity of Membranolytic Antimicrobial Peptides. Biochemistry (2020).

Nardi F D, Hulber K, Moser D, Alonso-Marcos H, Tribsch A, Dobes C. Occurrence of apomictic conspecifics and ecological preferences rather than colonization history govern the geographic distribution of sexual Potentilla puberula. Ecol Evol 10(14): 7306-7319 (2020).

Neuper T, Neureiter D, Sarajlic M, Strandt H, Bauer R, Schwarz H, Suchanek P, Korotchenko E, Dillon S R, Hammerl P, Stoecklinger A, Weiss R, Horejs-Hoeck J. IL-31 transgenic mice show reduced allergen-induced lung inflammation. Eur J Immunol (2020).

Pittner S, Gotsmy W, Zissler A, Ehrenfellner B, Baumgartner D, Schrufer A, Steinbacher P, Monticelli F. Correction to: Intra- and intermuscular variations of postmortem protein degradation for PMI estimation. Int J Legal Med 134(5): 1783 (2020).

Pittner S, Gotsmy W, Zissler A, Ehrenfellner B, Baumgartner D, Schrufer A, Steinbacher P, Monticelli F. Intra- and intermuscular variations of postmortem protein degradation for PMI estimation. Int J Legal Med 134(5): 1775-1782 (2020).

Singh R R, Verstraeten B, Siddique S, Tegene A M, Tenhaken R, Frei M, Haeck A, Demeestere K, Pokhare S, Gheysen G, Kyndt T. Ascorbate oxidation activates systemic defence against root-knot nematode Meloidogyne graminicola in rice. J Exp Bot 71(14): 4271-4284 (2020).

Steiner P, Obwegeser S, Wanner G, Buchner O, Lutz-Meindl U, Holzinger A. Cell Wall Reinforcements Accompany Chilling and Freezing Stress in the Streptophyte Green Alga Klebsormidium crenulatum. Front Plant Sci 11: 873 (2020).

Unger M S, Li E, Scharnagl L, Poupardin R, Altendorfer B, Mrowetz H, Hutter-Paier B, Weiger T M, Heneka M T, Attems J, Aigner L. CD8(+) T-cells infiltrate Alzheimer's disease brains and regulate neuronal- and synapse-related gene expression in APP-PS1 transgenic mice. Brain Behav Immun (2020).  

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    The virtual international conference „The Mediality of the Letter – diplomatic Correspondence in the Context of Early Modern Letter Culture ” will take place via Webex on 29th/30th/31st October.
    In social pedagogical practice employees (agents) are confronted with a variety of challenges in complex, open social problem situations that have to be dealt with "professionally“ and with „ qualitatively“.
    As part of a six year long laser scan-monitoring in the Hohen Tauern geoscientists from Austria, Germany and Switzerland (GEORESEARCH, University of Salzburg, TU Munich, University of Bonn, University of Lausanne) examined the connection between the current glacier retreat and rockfall activity.
    New publication from the der MINT and the Media Didactics of the University of Salzburg by Waxmann Verlag.
    The EPU Project Call 2020 is now open! The deadline for submissions is the 17th November 2020 (12:00).
    The Faculty of Slavic Studies, the cultural centre DAS KINO and the Russian Centre invite you to the fifth series of cinema films from Eastern and Central Europe. As part of the film club „Slawistyka, Slavistika, Cлавистика“ award winning current Polish, Russian and Czech films with political and social themes will be shown.
    Applications for two dissertation prizes (worth 2,000 euros each) can be made until the 31st October.
    The Language Center has been active in the field of intercomprehension didactics for almost 20 years,Well-known multilingual didactics experts, came together to present the current state of research in this area.The result is the anthology "Lehr- und Lernkompetenzen für die Interkompehension. Perspektiven für die mehrsprachige Bildung (Teaching and Learning Skills for Intercomprehension. Perspectives for Multilingual Education)"Band 10 der Salzburger Reihe zur Lehrer/innen/bildung.
    During the time of Corona, in particular, it became clear just how important it is to support students digitally in their every day university life. The project „On Track“ – stay on track combines digital and social worlds. It is starting at the right time!
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