Doctoral theses performed in the Lab of Fatima Ferreira


Sabrina Wildner: Structural features of biologics: Characterization of allergen molecules and biopharmaceuticals, (2013 - 2018), University of Salzburg

Lorenz Aglas: Intrinsic properties of the Bet v 1 fold: impact on immunogenicity and allergenicity, (2013 - 2017), University of Salzburg

Martin Wolf
: Amb a 1 isoforms: the non-equal siblings, (2012 - 2017), University of Salzburg

Isabel Maria Pablos O’Campo
: Physicochemical and immunological characterization of the relevant inhalant allergens in Europe and India, (2012 - 2017), University of Salzburg

Teresa Stemeseder
: Molecular IgE profiling and evaluation of disease-influencing factors in allergy, (2013 - 2016), University of Salzburg

Stephanie Eichhorn: Novel molecular diagnostics and therapeutics for food and weed pollen allergy (2013 - 2016), University of Salzburg

Heidi Hofer: Destroying IgE-binding while preserving immunogenicity: the new roadmap to develop safe and efficacious allergy vaccines (2012 - 2016), University of Salzburg

Markus Steiner: Characterization of the non-anaphylactic activation of diclofenac on whole blood-derived human basophils (2011 - 2015), University of Salzburg

Anargyros Roulias: Structural manipulations of Bet v 1 homologues and the impact on their immune properties. PhD-Thesis (2008-2014), University of Salzburg

Eva Vejvar: Identification and molecular characterization of novel plant food and pollen allergens and their impact on IgE cross-reactivity. PhD-Thesis (2010-2013), University of Salzburg

Claudia Asam: Uncovering allergy-eliciting intrinsic properties of pollen allergens. PhD-Thesis (2010- 2013), University of Salzburg

Ulrike Pichler: Development of novel tools for allergy diagnosis and therapy. PhD-Thesis (2010-2013), University of Salzburg

Andrea Harrer: Mechanistic investigation of systemic hypersensitivity caused by the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac. PhD-Thesis (2006-2009), University of Salzburg

Michael Hauser: Creation of a pollen hybrid for immunotherapy of birch and associated pollen allergies. PhD-Thesis (2006-2009), University of Salzburg

Matthias Egger: A study on processing of the Artemisia vulgaris pollen major allergen Art v 1 by human antigen presenting cells. PhD-Thesis (2004-2008), University of Salzburg

Sonja Mutschlechner: Characterization of naturally processed and presented peptides of Bet v 1, the major allergen from birch pollen. PhD-Thesis (2004-2008), University of Salzburg

Gabriele Gadermaier: Hypoallergenic variants of Art v 1, the major mugwort pollen allergen: possible candidate molecules for treatment of type I allergy. PhD-Thesis (2001-2005), University of Salzburg

Gudrun Hubinger: Amb a 1 and its homologous 40.9 kDa allergen in mugwort pollen. PhD-Thesis (2002-2005), University of Salzburg

Michael Wallner: Expression and characterization of Bet v 1 variants created by gene shuffling. PhD-Thesis (2002-2004), University of Salzburg

Petra Gruber: Production of recombinant single-chain Fv antibody fragments specific for the hydroxyproline-rich domain of natural Art v 1 by phage-display. PhD-Thesis (2002-2004), University of Salzburg

Azra Dedic: Isoforms of Art v 1, the major mugwort pollen allergen. PhD-Thesis (2001-2004), University of Salzburg

Nicole Wopfner: Cross-reactive allergens in pollen from weeds. PhD-Thesis (1999-2003), University of Salzburg

Martin Himly: Biochemical and immunological investigations of atopic and nonatopic allergens. PhD-Thesis (1997-2001), University of Salzburg

Diploma/Master theses performed in the Lab of Fatima Ferreira


Tamara Weidinger: Production and in depth characterization of major inhalant allergens and derivatives thereof (2016-2017), University of Salzburg

Maria Alejandra Parigiani: Novel strategies in allergy vaccine design. Diploma-Thesis (2014-2015), University of Salzburg

Bianca Kastner: Cloning of Humulus japonicus pollen allergens and purification and characterization of the Periplaneta americana allergen Per a 1. Diploma-Thesis(2014-2015), University of Salzburg

Bettina Schweidler: Purification and characterization of the Periplaneta americana allergen Per a 3 and analysis of exposure and sensitization to indoor allergens in different Austrian regions. Diploma-Thesis(2014-2015), University of Salzburg

Christine Kapfhammer: Relevance and IgE cross-reactivity of mugwort pollen allergen for chestnut sensitized patients. Diploma-Thesis (2012-2013), University of Salzburg

Lorenz Aglas: Recombinant production and protein purification of the major allergen of Cupressus arizonica (cypress) Cup a 1 and development of a hypoallergenic variant of Cup a 1. Diploma-Thesis (2012-2013), University of Salzburg

Milijana Roljic: Development and optimization of a surface modification technique for polymeric DNA and protein microarrays and production of a defensin-like protein from ragweed pollen. Diploma-Thesis (2012-2013), University of Salzburg

Astrid Haab: Generation and Characterization of Bet v 1 Variant Proteins. Diploma-Thesis (2012-2013), University of Salzburg

Heidi Hofer: Generation of safe and efficacious allergy vaccines. Diploma-Thesis (2011-2012), University of Salzburg

Angelika Hörschläger: Development of a hypoallergenic Pru p 3 variant and investigation of chestnut as cross-reactive allergen source. Diploma-Thesis (2011-2012), University of Salzburg

Stephanie Eichhorn: Generation of new candidate molecules for treatment of LTP-related food allergy and Plantago lanceolata: an important sensitizer for summer pollinosis. Diploma-Thesis (2011-2012), University of Salzburg

Andreas Koller: Development and validation of polymer biochips for DNA and protein microarray applications. Diploma-Thesis (2011-2012), University of Salzburg

Barbara Hainz: Identifizierung neuer Allergene im Pollen von Plantago lanceolata (Spitzwegerich) und Corylus avellana (Hasel). Diploma-Thesis (2011-2012), University of Salzburg

Roland Lasshofer: Recombinant production and immunological characterization of Artemisia vulgaris and Ambrosia artemisiifolia pollen allergens by ELISA. Diploma-Thesis (2010-2011), University of Salzburg

Alexander Jürets: In vitro endo-/lysosomal proteolysis and antigen uptake of recombinant allergens. Diploma-Thesis (2010-2011), University of Salzburg

Martin Wolf: Purification and detailed characterization of natural pectate lyases causing type I hypersensivitey. Diploma-Thesis (2009-2010), University of Salzburg

Leif Krückemeier: Immunological and physicochemical characterization of recombinant panallergens. Diploma-Thesis (2009-2010), University of Salzburg

Markus Steiner: Establishment of a basophil activation test for NSAID hypersensitivity. Diploma-Thesis (2009-2010), University of Salzburg

Eva Vejvar: Identification and characterization of allergens involved in pollinosis-related food allergies. Diploma-Thesis (2009-2010), University of Salzburg

Werner Auzinger: Production and immunological characterization of murine monoclonal antibodies against the mugwort pollen allergen Art v 3. Diploma-Thesis, (2009-2010), University of Salzburg

Jennifer Moser: Plant-based expression of Art v 1, the major mugwort pollen allergen. Diploma-Thesis (2008-2009), University of Salzburg

Claudia Asam: The effect of ligand-binding on immunogenicity and allergenicity of Bet v 1 isoforms, Diploma-Thesis (2008-2009), University of Salzburg

Julia Wenger: Establishment of alternative expression systems for the expression of Amb a 1 - the major ragweed pollen allergen. Diploma-Thesis (2008-2009), University of Salzburg

Florian Reisinger: Production of monoclonal antibodies against the major mountain cedar allergen Jun a 1, Diploma-Thesis (2008-2009), University of Salzburg 

Monica Gimpl: Development of antibody-based assays for detection of dicolfenac (DF) and DF-haptenized components in human blood, Diploma-Thesis (2007-2008), University of Salzburg

Tamara Girbl: Identification and characterization of a novel lipid transfer protein from celery, Diploma-Thesis (2007-2008), University of Salzburg

Stephanie Wallner: Amb a 1, the major ragweed allergen: cloning and immunological characterization of Amb a 1 cleavage mutants, Diploma-Thesis (2007-2008), University of Salzburg

Eva Klinglmayr: Bet v 1, the major birch pollen allergen and homologous allergens in trees and foods: approaches for safer specific immunotherapie, Diploma-Thesis (2005-2006), University of Salzburg

Gabriele Schmutzler: The family of non-specific lipid transfer proteins in weed pollen. Diploma-Thesis (2005-2006), University of Salzburg

Franz Zimmermann: IgE epitope engineering of Bet v 1 and Mal d 1 allergens. Diploma-Thesis (2004-2006), University of Salzburg

Ulrich Koller: Creation of hypoallergens by setting specific mutations in the amino acid sequence of the shuffled allergens H2 and H3. Diploma-Thesis (2004-2005), University of Salzburg

Reinhard Schwarz: Celery-mugwort-spice syndrome: a possible involvement of non-specific Lipid transfer proteins. Diploma-Thesis (2003-2004), University of Salzburg

Sonja Mutschlechner
: Production of biotinylated fusion allergens for a lectin-mediated antigen delivery to antigen-presenting cells. Diploma-Thesis (2002-2004), University of Salzburg

Matthias Egger
: Art v 1, the major mugwort allergen: recombinant production approaches and the characterization of cross-reactivity with other allergens. Diploma-Thesis (2002-2004), University of Salzburg

Michael Wallner
: In vitro evolution of the Bet v 1 family by gene shuffling. Diploma-Thesis (2001-2002), University of Salzburg

Gudrun Hubinger: Cross-reactive allergens in ragweed and mugwort pollen. Diploma-Thesis (2000-2002), University of Salzburg

Petra Gruber
: Recombinant production, purification and characterization of calcium-binding allergens. Diploma-Thesis (2000-2002), University of Salzburg

Azra Dedic: Purification and immunochemical characterization of Art v 1, the major pollen allergen of Artemisia vulgaris .Diploma-Thesis (1999-2001), University of Salzburg

Marta Dabrowska: Isolation and characterization of allergens from Artemisia vulgaris pollen. Diploma-Thesis (1999-2001), University of Salzburg

Gabriele Gadermaier: Generation and characterization of cysteine-variants of Art v 1, the major mugwort pollen allergen. Diploma-Thesis (1999-2001), University of Salzburg

Daniel Hebenstreit: Calcium-binding allergens from pollen. Diploma-Thesis (1998-2000), University of Salzburg

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    Der weltweit wichtigste Muskelkongress, die European Muscle Conference (EMC) fand dieses Jahr in Budapest statt. Salzburg war mit Stefan Galler vertreten. Galler hatte die EMC-Konferenz 2014 in Salzburg ausgetragen und war nun wiederum Mitglied des Scientific Commitee´s in Budapest. Bei der feierlichen Kongresseröffnung hielt er einen Nachruf auf den 2018 verstorbenen Muskelforscher Caspar Rüegg.
    Das Thema der Panorama:Uni am 22.10., 19 Uhr, Panoramabar Lehen, ist "Wanted: Die Kreativität der Kunden. Oder warum die neuen Technologien die Geschäftswelt verändern".
    Alexander van der Bellen zeigte sich beeindruckt von den kritischen Beiträgen der Studierenden des Salzburger Erasmus Master-Studiums „Digital Communication Leadership“ (DC Lead). In einer Audienz am Freitag, 5. Oktober, trugen fünf Studierende ihre Visionen einer digitalen Kommunikationswelt in der Hofburg in Wien vor.
    Mo 22.10.2018, HS E.001 (Unipark) Dr. Eveline Brugger (St. Pölten) "Unsern juden gemainklich solich genad getan". Mittelalterliches Judenrecht und fürstliche Judenpolitik am Beispiel Österreichs
    Dr. Lorenz Aglas, senior scientist der Arbeitsgruppe von Prof. Fatima Ferreira (FB Biowissenschaften), erhält aufgrund der hervorragenden wissenschaftlichen Ergebnisse seiner Doktorarbeit mit dem diesjährigen “Ursula und Fritz Melcher Dissertationspreis 2018” der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Allergologie und Immunologie (ÖGAI).
    Herr Prof. Dr. Christoph Schäfer (Alte Geschichte, Universität Trier) hält zu diesem Thema am 23. Oktober 2018 um 18.30 Uhr in der Abgusssammlung SR E.33, Residenzplatz 1, einen Vortrag.
    Die Leopold-Kohr-Akademie organisiert im September und Oktober 2018 zwei Veranstaltungen. Gemeinsam mit der Universität Salzburg betreibt die Einrichtung das Kohr-Archiv.
    Prof. Ruslan Mitkov, Professor für natürliche Sprachverarbeitung und Computerlinguistik an der Universität von Wolverhampton, UK, wird am Dienstag, 30. Oktober um 18 Uhr einen Vortrag zum Thema linguistic intelligence: computer vs. humans halten.
    Der Empfang findet am Mittwoch, 7. November 2018 an der Katholisch-Theologischen Fakultät, Universitätsplatz 1 (Salzburg) statt. 18:15 in der Kollegienkirche (Religionsverbindendes Gebet - gestaltet vom Afro-Asiatischen Institut Salzburg) 19:00 Empfang im HS 101 der Katholisch-Theologischen Fakultät (Universitätsplatz 1, EG)
    Einladung zur Lesung auf Französisch und Deutsch aus dem Roman "La concordance des temps", Mittwoch, 7.11.2018, 18:00 Uhr, Leselounge Fachbibliothek Unipark
    Konzertperformance im Rahmen des OPEN MIND Festivals WHAT'S LEFT / WHAT'S RIGHT in Kooperation mit ARGEkultur // Freitag, 09.11.2018 | 21.00 Uhr, Ulrike-Gschwandtner-Str. 5, 5020 Salzburg, Saal // // Eintritt frei
    9.11.2018, 14.00 bis 17.30 Uhr, Bischofshaus, Kapitelplatz 2: Symposium "Stille Nacht. Weihnachten zwischen theologischem Anspruch und Populärkultur" und Ausstellungseröffnung "Stille Nacht, heilige Kunst" – Bilderzyklus von Johann Weyringer (Ausstellungsdauer bis zum 7. Dezember 2018). Veranstaltet von Erzdiözese Salzburg und Universität Salzburg, Theologische Fakultät (Organisation: Alexander Zerfaß).
    Im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe POLEMIK UND GENDER wird Ulrike Vedder vom Institut für deutsche Literatur der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin am 14. November um 19h einen Gastvortrag im Unikpark Nonntal halten. // Erzabt-Klotz-Str. 1, E.002 (Agnes Muthspiel) //
    Es ist wieder so weit, am 17. November 2018 findet das Konzert des Universitätsorchesters für dieses Semester statt.
    Politische Bildung ist in Österreich seit 1978 ein allgemeines Unterrichtsprinzip, also eine Bildungs- und Erziehungsaufgabe, die den Lehrkräften aller Schulfächer und Schulstufen obliegt. Die Ringvorlesung soll Wege aufzeigen, wie Demokratiebildung in verschiedenen Unterrichtsfächern funktionieren kann, sodass sich für Lehramtsstudierende und LehrerInnen unterschiedliche Perspektiven auf dieselbe grundsätzliche Herausforderung eröffnen.
    Herr Dr. Sven Th. Schipporeit (Institut für Klassische Archäologie, Universität Wien) hält zu diesem Thema am Mi, 21. November 2018 in der Abgusssammlungs SR E.33, Residenzplatz 1, einen Vortrag
    The workshop aims to examine the musicality of the body and vice versa the corporeality of music from a choreographic perspective. This approach corresponds with the extension of the concept of music as well as the questioning of performance traditions in the context of New Music, which also puts a stronger emphasis on the body.
    The relatively young democracy Poland, whose political climate has intensified considerably since the last elections, is also moving increasingly to the fore. Politically critical leaders of representative cultural organisations have been and continue to be replaced by the new administration, while independent creative artists appear to be able to find niches so far or already live outside the country.
    Vom 29.11. bis 01.12.2018 im Unipark Nonntal
    Am 6. Dezember 2018 finden an der Universität Salzburg die WTZ Training Days zum Thema Kommunikation, Dissemination und Verbreitung in H2020-Projekten statt.
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  • 23.10.18 Die Seeschlacht von Actium – Ein Sieg des Antonius?
    24.10.18 The Psychology of Cognitive Illusions
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