Course information

The Language Centre offers 4 different General English courses - 2 to 4 phases at each level:

  • Pre-Intermediate English
  • Intermediate English
  • Upper Intermediate English
  • Advanced English

We also offer 3 courses for English for Specific Purposes (pre-requisites: language level B1+/B2):

  • Academic English
  • Academic English: Reading and Writing
  • Academic English: Listening and Speaking
  • Business English I+II
  • Proposal Writing for National Funding Programmes

To find out which course caters best for your needs there are orientation tests available for each level.

Course requirements
min. 80% attendance, active participation, written assignments, mid-term and end-term test

The course Pre-Intermediate English comprises of 3 hours a week plus one hour tutorial, an equivalent of 4.5 ECTS-credits. "Proposal Writing for National Funding Programmes" comprises of 1 hour a week. 1.5 ECTS-credits are allocated.
All the others are 2-hour-courses to which 3 ECTS-credits are allocated.

Courses in the summer term

Course Prerequisite Target level
Pre-Intermediate II A2/A2+ A2+/B1
Intermediate II B1 B1+
Upper Intermediate II B1+/B2 B2
Advanced English II B2/B2+ B2+/C1
Advanced English IV C1 C1+
Academic English: Listening and Speaking B2+ C1
Academic English: Reading and Writing B2+ C1
Business English II B1+/B2 B2-Fachsprachenkenntnisse

Courses in the winter term

Course Prerequisite Target level
Pre-Intermediate I A1+/A2 A2/A2+
Intermediate I A2+/B1 B1
Upper Intermediate I B1/B1+ B1+/B2
Advanced I B2 B2+
Advanced III B2+/C1 C1
Academic English B2 B2+
Business English I B1+/B2 B2-Fachsprachenkenntnisse
Proposal Writing for National Funding Programmes B1+/B2 B2-Fachsprachenkenntnisse
  • News
    Salzburg's Armenia expert Jasmine Dum-Tragut reported in the Salzburg Nachrichten on the 12th October about the situation in Nagorna-Karaback in Armenia. The roots of the conflict go back a long way here. That makes a compromise difficult at the moment.
    New publication from the der MINT and the Media Didactics of the University of Salzburg by Waxmann Verlag.
    The EPU Project Call 2020 is now open! The deadline for submissions is the 17th November 2020 (12:00).
    With Jun.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Niedenführ, MA (University of Tübingen) on the 20th October 2020 at 18:00 in the Bibliotheksaula ( Library Hall) .
    In cooperation with the œnm.
    The Faculty of Slavic Studies, the cultural centre DAS KINO and the Russian Centre invite you to the fifth series of cinema films from Eastern and Central Europe. As part of the film club „Slawistyka, Slavistika, Cлавистика“ award winning current Polish, Russian and Czech films with political and social themes will be shown.
    A newly published volume discusses migration in the context of education as an internal and external scientific problem. The publication brings together contributions from the annual series of lectures „Erziehungswissenschaftliche Migrationsforschung in vergleichender Perspektive (Educational migration research in a comparative perspective)“.
    Salzburg's Armenian Expert Dum-Tragut reports from Jerewan and also appeals to Federal President Van der Bellen Federal Chancellor Kurz for help.
    Weds 20. October 2020, 18:00-19:00, Atelier im KunstQuartier, Bergstraße 12, 5020 Salzburg - login details: Webinar (Webex Meeting): https://globalpage-prod.webex.com/join - Meeting number (access code): 137 220 1546 - Meeting password: WPg2Dwq4X4b
    TUES 13th October 2020, 19:30 , Atelier im KunstQuartier, Bergstr. 12a, Salzburg. The SWEET SPOT series sees itself as a forum for classical and completely new productions of electroacoustic music in Salzburg. Pieces of the genre are heard and discussed with one another. Each concert is accompanied by a short introduction and the opportunity to exchange ideas about what has been heard.
    Applications for two dissertation prizes (worth 2,000 euros each) can be made until the 31st October.
    The Language Center has been active in the field of intercomprehension didactics for almost 20 years,Well-known multilingual didactics experts, came together to present the current state of research in this area.The result is the anthology "Lehr- und Lernkompetenzen für die Interkompehension. Perspektiven für die mehrsprachige Bildung (Teaching and Learning Skills for Intercomprehension. Perspectives for Multilingual Education)"Band 10 der Salzburger Reihe zur Lehrer/innen/bildung.
    During the time of Corona, in particular, it became clear just how important it is to support students digitally in their every day university life. The project „On Track“ – stay on track combines digital and social worlds. It is starting at the right time!
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  • 21.10.20 Gesundheitsfördernde Effekte von Musikhören – Die Rolle des psychobiologischen Stressystems
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