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Modul 1: Theoretical fundamentals in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Modul 2: Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity

Molecular Biodiversity Research of Plants
Evolution of Animals

Modul 3: Ecology

Experimental Ecology of Animals
Experimental and Chemical Plant Ecology

Elective Modul 1: Excursions, Field Interships

Ecology and Biodiversity of Temperate Habitats
Ecology and Biodiversity of Non-temperate Habitats

Elective Modul 2: Special Topics in Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary Developmental Biology and Morphology
Molecular Coevolution
Applied Evolutionary Biology, Biotechnology
Systematics and Biogeography
Ecological Populationgenetics, Genomics

Elective Modul 3: Special Topics in Ecology

Behaviorial Ecology/Biology, Neurobiology
Applied Ecology, Conservation Biology, Environmental Analysis
Ecophysiology, Ecotoxicology
Community Ecology
Population Ecology

Elective Modul 4: Special Competences and Practice

External Intership
Research Group Intership
Summer Schools in the fields of Ecology, Biodiversity Research, Evolutionary Biology, Sustainability
Lectures of other Disciplines complementary to the focus of the elective modules 2 & 3
  • News
    Which legal protection option - warranty or error - is more advantageous for buyers of the cars affected by the diesel exhaust scandal? Lawyer Christina Buchleitner has compared the two remedies in her dissertation at the University of Salzburg. Now the 26-year-old Viennese has won the first prize in the Young Investigators Award at the University of Salzburg.
    The Salzburg Armenologist, Jasmine Dum-Tragut, opens the first exhibition on 31 August, 2019, at the Genocide Museum in Yerevan. The exhibition shows the fate of Armenian prisoners of war in the Austrian prison camps during the First World War.
    Democracy and the rule of law seem to have experienced better times in Europe. The recent developments in many countries point to a dismantling of the rule of law, fundamental rights and democracy.
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  • 18.09.19 'Genie‘ in der Nachromantik. Das Schöpferische (Individuum) und der Aufstieg der Massenkultur
    19.09.19 'Genie‘ in der Nachromantik. Das Schöpferische (Individuum) und der Aufstieg der Massenkultur
    20.09.19 'Genie‘ in der Nachromantik. Das Schöpferische (Individuum) und der Aufstieg der Massenkultur
    24.09.19 Orientierungstag für Erstsemestrige
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