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Pittner S, Bugelli V, Weitgasser K, Zissler A, Sanit S, Lutz L, Monticelli F, Campobasso CP, Steinbacher P, Amendt J (2020) A field study to evaluate PMI estimation methods for advanced decomposition stages. Int J Legal Med.    

Schyma C, Bauer K, Müller R, Brünig J, Gotsmy W (2020) The influence of muzzle gas on the temporary cavity. Int J Legal Med.

Amendt J, Zissler A, Lutz L, Szelecz I, Habermann A, Pittner S (2020) Todeszeitbestimmung nach langer Liegezeit - Interdisziplinarität in der Forensik. Biologie in unserer Zeit. 



Hofer P, Adamec J, Graw M, Pittner S, Monticelli F, Schöpfer J (2019) Die Ohrfeige. Teil 2 – Verletzungsfolgen und juristische Bedeutung. Rechtsmedizin    

Adamec J, Schöpfer J, Hofer P, Pittner S, Graw M, Monticelli F (2019) Die Ohrfeige. Teil 1 – Allgemeines und Biomechanik. Rechtsmedizin    

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Dunkelmann B, Helm K, Grießner I, Zahrer W, Müller E, Kastinger T, Kreindl G, Cemper-Kiesslich J, Neuhuber F (2019) Intersexuality as a potential source of error in sex determination using forensic multiplex kits. Forensic Sci Int Genet Suppl Series   

McCall S, Kreindl G, Kastinger T, Müller E, Zahrer W, Grießner I, Dunkelmann B, Tutsch-Bauer E, Neuhuber F, Pittman PR, Wahl R, Lowry M, Cemper-Kiesslich J (2019) Rudolf Hess - The Doppelgänger conspiracy theory disproved. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 40:18-22    

Choi KM, Zissler A, Kim E, Ehrenfellner B, Cho E, Lee SI, Steinbacher P, Yun KN, Shin JH, Kim JY, Stoiber W, Chung H, Monticelli FC, Kim JY, Pittner S (2019) Postmortem proteomics to discover biomarkers for forensic PMI estimation. Int J Legal Med. 133(3):899-908



Zissler A, Ehrenfellner B, Foditsch EE, Monticelli FC, Pittner S (2018) Does altered protein metabolism interfere with postmortem degradation analysis for PMI estimation? Int J Legal Med. 132(5):1349-1356

Keller T, Keller A, Monticelli F (2018) Driving under the influence of drugs and medications in the federal states of Salzburg and Upper Austria. Jpn J Leg Med. 72(1):72

Pittner S, Ehrenfellner B, Weitgasser K, Zissler A, Steinbacher P (2018) Muscle protein degradation in PMI estimation - recent accomplishments and challenges. Jpn J Leg Med. 72(1):74

Albers A, Matzenauer C, Zissler A, Monticelli FC, Pittner S (2018) PMI estimation: Rapid blood loss and severe injury as potential influencing factor on the body core temperature method. Jpn J Leg Med. 72(1):141

Steinbacher P, Ehrenfellner B, Zissler A Monticelli F, Pittner S (2018) Comparison of similarities and differences of postmortem degradation patterns in humans, mice and pigs. Jpn J Leg Med. 72(1):145

Pittner S, Sommerauer V, Ehrenfellner B, Zissler A, Steinbacher P, Monticelli F (2018) Succession of postmortem protein degradation in different muscles in rats and humans. Jpn J Leg Med. 72(1):148

Weitgasser K, Pittner S, Ehrenfellner B, Monticelli F, Steinbacher P (2018) Muscle protein degradation for PMI estimation - field application and analysis of potential influencing factors in a porcine model. Jpn J Leg Med. 72(1):149



Ehrenfellner B, Zissler A, Steinbacher P, Monticelli FC, Pittner S (2017) Are animal models predictive for human postmortem muscle protein degradation? Int J Legal Med. 131(6):1615-1621

Pittner S, Ehrenfellner B, Zissler A, Racher V, Trutschnig W, Bathke AC, Sänger AM, Stoiber W, Steinbacher P, Monticelli FC (2017) First application of a protein based approach for time since death estimation. Int J Legal Med. 131(2):479-483

Karamyan A, Brandtner H, Grinzinger S, Chroust V, Bacher C, Otto F, Reisp M, Hauer L, Sellner J. (2017) Causes of death in critically ill multiple sclerosis patients. Acta Neurol Scand. 136(4):305-309

Pickrahn I, Kreindl G, Müller E, Dunkelmann B, Zahrer W, Cemper-Kiesslich J, Neuhuber F. (2017) Contamination incidents in the pre-analytical phase of forensic DNA analysis in Austria-Statistics of 17 years. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 31:12-18

Vanek D, Budowle B, Dubska-Votrubova J, Ambers A, Frolik J, Pospisek M, Al Afeefi AA, Al Hosani KI, Allen M, Al Naimi KS, Al Salafi D, Al Tayyari WAR, Arguetaa W, Bottinelli M, Bus MM, Cemper-Kiesslich J, Cepil O, De Cock G, Desmyter S, El Amri H, El Ossmani H, Galdies R, Grün S, Guidet F, Hoefges A, Iancu CB, Lotz P, Maresca A, Nagy M, Novotny J, Rachid H, Rothe J, Stenersen M, Stephenson M, Stevanovitch A, Strien J, Sumita DR, Vella J, Zander J. (2017) Results of a collaborative study on DNA identification of aged bone samples. Croat Med J. 58(3):203-213

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Neuhuber F, Kreindl G, Kastinger T, Dunkelmann B, Zahrer W, Cemper-Kiesslich J, Grießner I (2017) Police officer’s DNA on crime scene samples – Indirect transfer as a source of contamination and its database-assisted detection in Austria. Forensic Sci Int Genet. e608-e609



Pittner S, Monticelli FC, Pfisterer A, Zissler A, Sänger AM, Stoiber W, Steinbacher P (2016) Postmortem degradation of skeletal muscle proteins: a novel approach to determine the time since death. Int J Legal Med. 130(2):421-31

Brandtner B, Monticelli FC, Meyer HJ, Biebl A, Budka H (2016) Fatal cerebral haemorrhage in a hypertensive seven-year-old boy. JRSM Open. 7(9):2054270416649284    

Elena E. Foditsch, Alexandra M. Sänger, Fabio C. Monticelli (2016) Skeletal muscle proteins - A new approach to delimitate the time since death. Int J Legal Med. 130(2):433-40

Hartung B, Schwendet, H, Roth EH, Hellen F, Mindiashvili N, Rickert A, Ritz-Timme S, Grieser A, Monticelli F, Daldrup T (2016) The effect of cannabis on regular cannabis consumers`ability to ride a bicycle. Int J Legal Med. 130(3):711-21   

Pittner S, Ehrenfellner B, Monticelli FC, Zissler A, Sänger AM, Stoiber W, Steinbacher P. (2016) Postmortem muscle protein degradation in humans as a tool for PMI delimitation. Int J Legal Med. 130(6):1547-1555

Pickrahn I, Müller E, Zahrer W, Dunkelmann B, Cemper-Kiesslich J, Kreindl G, Neuhuber F (2016) Yfiler® Plus amplification kit validation and calculation of forensic parameters for two Austrian populations. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 21:90-4

Cemper-Kiesslich J, Mc Coy MR, Kanz F (2016) 'Stimmen aus dem Jenseits': Postmortale Befunderhebeungen an menschlichen Überresten: Skelette, Gräber und Nekropolen als Spiegel der Welt der Lebenden. Tuczay C, editor. Jenseits - Eine mittelalterliche und mediävistische Imagination. DOI: 10.3726/978-3-653-06038-6

Kunz S, Keller T, Grove C, Lochner SJ, Monticelli FC (2015) Tödliche Skiunfälle - eine gerichtsärztliche Übersicht am Beispiel des Landes Salzburg. Archiv für Kriminologie 235:1-10



Monticelli FC, Brandtner H, Kunz SN, Keller T, Neuhuber F (2015) Homicide by hanging: a case report and its forensic-medical aspects. J Forensic Leg Med. 33:71-5

Monticelli F, Ulrich Preiss, Wofgang Hitzl, Thomas Keller (2015) Pupil Function as an Indicator for Being under the Influence of Central Nervous Acting Substances from a Traffic-Medicine Perspective - Part II. Med Sci Law. 56(1):19-25

Forster P, Hohoff C, Dunkelmann B, Schürenkamp M, Pfeiffer H, Neuhuber F, Brinkmann B (2015) Elevated germline mutation rate in teenage fathers. Proc Biol Sci. 282(1803):20142898  

Schwarz R, Renhart S, Gruber H, Kli Mesch W, Neuhuber F, Cemper-Kiesslich J. (2015) In naming the dead: Autosomal and Y-chromosomal STR typing on human skeletal remains from an 18th/19th century aristocratic crypt in Gallspach, Upper Austria. Anthropol Anz. 72(3):335-46

Kunz SN, Brandtner H, Meyer HJ. (2015) Characteristics of backspatter on the firearm and shooting hand--an experimental analysis of close-range gunshots. J Forensic Sci. 60(1):166-70

Schrödl F, Kaser-Eichberger A, Trost A, Strohmaier C, Bogner B, Runge C, Bruckner D, Krefft K, Kofler B, Brandtner H, Reitsamer HA. (2015) Alarin in cranial autonomic ganglia of human and rat. Exp Eye Res. 131:63-8

Kanz F, Cemper-Kiesslich J. (2015) Forensic Archaeology in Austria. Forensic Archaeology: A Global Perspective, ISBN: 978-1-118-74598-4





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