Current job openings

date/ deadline Brief description Details
04.02.2021Postdoc position in the Grandfield Research Group at the McMaster University in Hamilton, CanadaInfo
25.01.2021SustainScapes – Center for Sustainable Landscapes under Global Change has currently six open PhD positions and four open PosDoc positions (#SustainScapesJobs).



25.01.2021TA-Stelle (Teilzeit) am  Forschungsinstitut für Limnologie (Mondsee)Info
17.12.2020/ 15.01.2020Doctoral student (f/m/d) in EukaryoticInstitute for Zoology – Terrestrial EcologyMicrobial Ecology RESEARCMICRO, KölnInfo
17.12.2020/ 15.01.2020Application for HIT-SFB Position, Vienna AustriaInfo
17.12.2020/ 15.01.2020Bioinformatician position (with or without PhD) availableEpigenetics, gene regulation & proteomics, Vienna AustriaInfi
16.12.2020Eb Haus Austria, TA , to support various research projects aimed at investigating the multi-step process of malignant transformation in EB. Info
03.12.2020Post-Doctoral Research Position – University of Colorado Info
17.11.2020PhD students, Department of Neurology with experimental NeurologyCharité, University Medicine Berlin Info
03.11.2020Invite for  „akademika ahead“ on 24. and 25. November 2020Info
31.07.2020 Senior scientist position Protein Purification at EvotecInfo
04.08.2020 Postdoctoral and PhD positions at BIOCEV, Charles University, Prague.Info
28.08.2020 PhD and Post-doc positions at the MasonDeanLab in Potsdam, Germany, start early 2021Info
16.09.2020 Scientist in Spatial Fish and Fisheries Ecology, Ostsee , BerlinInfo
  • News
    The Austrian Academy of Sciences has awarded Mag. Dr. Daniel Ehrmann, university assistant and doctoral candidate in the Department of German Studies, four year APART-Grant, which he will start on the1. 3. 2021.During this time he will complete his post doctoral thesis project „Aggregation. Relationaliity and the Constellations of Literature (1650 – 1950). Toward a medium range historical model.
    There are still many places available in Language Centre courses. Registration is still possible until 12 March 2021. Please note: registration is only possible by appointment.
    The project funding programme for research between PLUS and South East Asian partner universities, ASEA-UNINET Call 2021-2022 (Project implementation period: 1st October 2021 - 30th September 2022) is now open.
    Prof. Dr. Jude Lal Fernando, Assistant Professor at the Irish School of Ecumenics at Trinity College Dublin, will be holding lectures in SS 2021 on the topic of "Interreligious Relations in Asia" at the Centre for Intercultural Theology in the area of Religious Studies.
    The programme for the summer semester is now online and the courses will be released shortly. We have improved our entrepreneurship courses. Register by the 14th March 2021.
    The Centre for Intercultural Theology and the Study of Religions and the University of Fribourg are organising an interdisciplinary online conference from the 16th-17th April 2021 (Start 16th April 2021 at 14:15).
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  • 09.03.21 Storytelling in der alltäglichen und beruflichen Kommunikation
    11.03.21 Buchpräsentation: Identitäten – Zumutungen für Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft
    12.03.21 Update Bankrecht
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