Technology transfer and intellectual property rights

The University of Salzburg supports the immediate utilization of research findings through patenting and the promotion of business creations. The growing number of Christian Doppler laboratories is additional proof of the fruitful cooperation between industry and science.

Intellectual Property Rights (IP) refer to certain industrial property rights such as patents, utility models, models, brands, semiconductor topology and plant variety protection and copyright law. Intellectual property rights usually only apply to intangible assets such as ideas, works or information and forbid all persons except the rights holder from using, reproducing or copying the intellectual property without permission from the copyright holder.

You have made an invention? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to inform you about patents and other application options! What you can expect…

  • If the university is interested in your invention, it will take on the financial risk and cover any patenting costs.
  • In case of exploitation, you are entitled to 50% of the proceeds (minus exploitation costs).
  • All consulting services concerning the patenting chances and market value of your invention are free of charge.
  • Benefit from increased cooperation opportunities with industry partners.


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