Application and submission

Instructions for submission are given in the download file "Instructions for application".

Briefly, the following procedure is recommended:

Download the forms  from the ICA homepage.

Fill in the application form and convert it into a pdf-file.

Print out and fill in / sign the declaration of consent, scan it and convert it into a pdf-file.

Scan your certificates and convert them into pdf-files. Forward the filled in (name and address) file “letter of recommendation” to two referees by email and ask them to fill in their part and to send the letter by email directly to ICA (it is your responsibility to ensure that the referees send their recommendation on time).

Send the application to: Elisabeth.Eppacher(at)

Deadline for the complete application is 31st of Jannuary 2018.

The letters of recommendation should be from two scientists who are familiar with your academic and/or your research work and who are able to assess your potential as a PhD student.

Detailled informations about the selection procedure and the criteria for admission are given in the ICA homepage (see “Description”).

  • News
    The Paris Lodron Ball 2018 is sold out. Unfortunately there are no remaining tickets available and there is no box office!
    Austrian universities look at individual life plans of fathers. Do Papamonat and paternity leave experience a first-time boom?
    The World of Jinn: Local Cultural Conceptions in the Field of Islam Dr. Gebhard Fartacek (ÖAW Vienna) - Thu 18.1.2018, 17:15, HS E.001 (Unipark).
    The team of the Kooperationsschwerpunktes Wissenschaft und Kunst at the University of Salzburg and the Mozarteum invites you to both events.
    Panel discussion, 19.01.2018, 16:00, Unipark Nonntal, HS Thomas Bernhard (E.001). Afterwards, Network Phase in the foyer on the 1 UG.
    English Studies Professor, Simone Pfenninger, from the University of Salzburg has shown in her long-term study that early foreign language teaching - as it is currently being carried out in Europe - brings little benefit. Pfenninger has now been awarded the renowned prize of the Conrad Ferdinand Meyer Foundation for her research on the role of age in learning a foreign language. The ceremony will take place on 19 January, 2018, in Zurich. The award amount is CHF 20,000.
    On 17 May, 1999, Knesset elections were held in Israel. The leading candidate of the Labor Party was Ehud Barak. His former opponent Benjamin Nethaniahu from the Likud party was defeated. Four students of the University of Salzburg made a documentary about the "Land at the Crossroads" before and after this election. Without Ari Rath this film would never have come about.
    At the beginning of December, prize money of over € 3,000 was presented to Dr. Göttig, to whom the Promotion Prize Award was endowed. The prize was awarded for many years of successful research in the field of medically and biochemically important tissue kallikreins (KLK proteases) in humans.
    Is the next deadline is approaching and the work still not finished? The University Library of Salzburg opens the main library again until 02:00 and offers an attractive program for those who want to finish their work! Be there!
    Stefanie Manhart and Martin Happ were recently awarded the honorary prize of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. The best diploma and master theses of the academic year 2016/17 were awarded.
    Guest lecture on Wednesday, 17 January, 2018, 18:30, with Mag.a Maria Marschler (Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien) in the Abguss-Sammlung SR E.33, Classical and Early Aegean Archeology, Residenzplatz 1.
  • Veranstaltungen
  • 17.01.18 Lebenszeichen aus Lauriacum. Ein anthropologischer Blick in die Vergangenheit
    18.01.18 Salzburger Juristischen Gesellschaft
    18.01.18 6. Nachtschicht@UBS
    19.01.18 6. Nachtschicht@UBS
    19.01.18 Tourism on the move: methods, tools and research avenues for tourism history
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