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Invitation to Conference Self-determination in the EU and its Neighbourhood in Kooperation mit ECSA Austria

Marking the 100th anniversary of President Wilson's seminal Fourteen Points speech of January 8, 1918 and against the backdrop of the often problematic consequences caused by the Principle of Self-determination that is widely associated with Wilson and the Fourteen Points, the Salzburg Centre for EU Studies – SCEUS and ECSA Austria on January 11 and 12, 2018 organise an international and inter-disciplinary high-level conference in Salzburg under the heading 'Self-determination in the EU and its Neighbourhood. The State of Play 100 Years after Wilson and Lenin'. The conference aims at discussing both fundamental and practical issues stemming from the principle of (national) self-determination in the EU and its neighbourhood from the angles of history, law, and politics.

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The Mid-Term Conference of our Horizon 2020 Projektes took place in Rome, 6.-7. July

SCEUS stands with CEU

The Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies (SCEUS) expresses its solidarity with the Central European University (CEU) and its deep concern about the recent changes to the Hungarian Higher Education Act.  

In twenty-five years, CEU has established itself as a university with a global reputation for teaching and research in the social sciences and humanities. For many years, SCEUS has actively and intensely cooperated with faculty members and students of CEU. This makes it one of our core professional partner institutions in Europe.  

We fear that the legislative changes passed by the Hungarian parliament on 4th April 2017 will render CEU’s continued operations in Budapest virtually impossible and, thus, strike a severe blow against academic freedom in Hungary. We, therefore, join many concerned citizens and distinguished institutions in Hungary, Europe and beyond in calling for a reconsideration of the legislative changes in order to protect CEU and the autonomy and freedom of academic life in Hungary more generally.  

Prof. Dr. Sonja Puntscher Riekmann, Director of SCEUS  


For more information and ways to take further action in support of CEU see the University's website.

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The Choice for Europe since Maastricht. Member States' Preferences for Economic and Fiscal Integration

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    "Students, including many international ones, opened this year's Paris Lodron Ball at the University of Salzburg in the Carabinierisaal of the Old Residence. Rector Heinrich Schmidinger once again was pleased with the great popularity that the University Ball received. "It is wonderful to welcome so many illustrious guests from the university, as well as from politics, culture, business, and it shows that the university is firmly anchored in Salzburg Society
    The organizers are the Literaturarchiv Salzburg together with the Literaturforum Leselampe and the Department of German Studies. The presentation starts at 19:30 in the rooms of the Literary Archives, Kapitelgasse 5-7, 2nd floor. Admission is free!
    Wednesday, 24 January is Austria’s "Day of Elementary Education" and many initiatives are attracting attention.
    Do you know the saying: "Praktikum im Ausland - das wird ja noch nichts. Außerdem zu kompliziert...?..." IT’S NOT TRUE - it's not as hard as it looks. Extensive information on 24 January from 15:00 in the Unipark!
    Austrian universities look at individual life plans of fathers. Do Papamonat and paternity leave experience a first-time boom?
    The team of the Kooperationsschwerpunktes Wissenschaft und Kunst at the University of Salzburg and the Mozarteum invites you to both events.
    "The way out of poverty is the way to school." The University Library Salzburg supports a school project by EcoHimal in Nepal.
    The lecture follows the reception of Confucian thought in the classical German philosophy of Leibniz and Wolff via Herder to Hegel and Schelling.
    English Studies Professor, Simone Pfenninger, from the University of Salzburg has shown in her long-term study that early foreign language teaching - as it is currently being carried out in Europe - brings little benefit. Pfenninger has now been awarded the renowned prize of the Conrad Ferdinand Meyer Foundation for her research on the role of age in learning a foreign language. The ceremony will take place on 19 January, 2018, in Zurich. The award amount is CHF 20,000.
    Stefanie Manhart and Martin Happ were recently awarded the honorary prize of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. The best diploma and master theses of the academic year 2016/17 were awarded.
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  • 23.01.18 Die Weiße Rose (1982)
    23.01.18 Elisa Tizzoni PhD - The breakthrough of tourism in a rurbanised area: territorial change and conflicts in Val di Magra (1945-1975).
    23.01.18 The Dead Sea Scrolls: 70 Years of Discovery and Current Challenges
    24.01.18 "Go International" - Praktikum im Ausland
    24.01.18 „Von der Moralität ohne Religion zur Religion ohne Moralität. Der sinokritische Diskurs der klassischen deutschen Philosophie“
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