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The Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies (SCEUS) expresses its solidarity with the Central European University (CEU) and its deep concern about the recent changes to the Hungarian Higher Education Act.  

In twenty-five years, CEU has established itself as a university with a global reputation for teaching and research in the social sciences and humanities. For many years, SCEUS has actively and intensely cooperated with faculty members and students of CEU. This makes it one of our core professional partner institutions in Europe.  

We fear that the legislative changes passed by the Hungarian parliament on 4th April 2017 will render CEU’s continued operations in Budapest virtually impossible and, thus, strike a severe blow against academic freedom in Hungary. We, therefore, join many concerned citizens and distinguished institutions in Hungary, Europe and beyond in calling for a reconsideration of the legislative changes in order to protect CEU and the autonomy and freedom of academic life in Hungary more generally.  

Prof. Dr. Sonja Puntscher Riekmann, Director of SCEUS  


For more information and ways to take further action in support of CEU see the University's website.

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    Geologists from the University of Salzburg are greatly benefiting from the recently concluded science agreement between Iran and Austria. At least three new cooperation projects are planned. The expertise of the Salzburg geologists in finding gold or rare earths is, for example, very much in demand in Iran. Rare earths are among the most coveted raw materials in the world.
    Thanks to a generous legacy by Kurt Zopf, the University of Salzburg awards the Kurt-Zopf Prize, which is endowed with 10,000 euros, for habilitated members of organizational units of the university, which cover the areas of humanities, cultural and / or social science, jurisprudence or theology.
    From now until 3 July, it is possible to register for the "ditact_women's IT summer school" of the University of Salzburg . It takes place from 21 August to 2 September at the Unipark Nonntal and at the Fachhochschule Salzburg: http://www.ditact.ac.at.
    A workshop will be held on the topic of “Evidence, Uncertainty and Decision Making with a particular Emphasis on Climate Science”.
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  • 23.06.17 Polémiquer - Provoquer - Scandaliser
    23.06.17 Moderner Lateinunterricht in multilingualem Umfeld. Neue Ideen und Unterrichtskonzepte
    23.06.17 Globale Ungewissheiten - allgemeine Verunsicherung - Orientierungssuche
    23.06.17 Fresh perspectives on fresh waters: experimental short stories on global environmental change
    24.06.17 Globale Ungewissheiten - allgemeine Verunsicherung - Orientierungssuche
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