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Social Sciences
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Natural Sciences
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Ancient and Classical Studies
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Philosophy KGW
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Philosophy Cath.-Theol. Faculty
Franziskanergasse 1, 5020 Salzburg
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Rifer Schlossallee 49, 5400 Hallein-Rif
Exegetics and Ecclesiastical History (TB1)
Universitätsplatz 1, 5020 Salzburg
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Systematic Theology (TB2)
Universitätsplatz 1, 5020 Salzburg
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Practical Theology (TB3)
Enter via Main Library Hofstallgasse 2-4, 5020 Salzburg
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Ecclesiastical Law
Kaigasse 17, 5020 Salzburg
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  • News
    Unfortunately, the planned lecture on 17th December 2020 by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Matthias NEUMAYR (Vice President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Austria; University of Salzburg) on ​​the subject of "Five Years of the EuErbVO: Recent Developments in International Inheritance Law" cannot take place due to the continuing Covid19 situation
    Ingrid Vukusic and Georg Zimmermann were awarded the Hans-Stegbuchner Prize for outstanding scientific work in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Salzburg on the 19th November 2020.
    The Paris Lodron University of Salzburg has launched an in-house mentoring program for new students as part of the “On Track” project. And it has come at the right time, because the lockdown has made the start of their studies into a real challenge for many first-semester students.
    The recording of the PLUS Talks "Studies and Teaching WS 2020/21“ from 25.11.2020 is now available.
    Matthias Henke, musicologist, Danube University Krems, talks about Beethoven's current biography “Beethoven. Akkord der Welt ( Chord of the World)”, published in 2020 by Hanser Verlag.
    24 very easy exercises on 24 cards can be found in the SALTO advent calendar. The exercise ideas are ideal for children from the age of three and are also easy for the whole family to carry out in a small space. With the support of the Kinder Büro (Children's Office), this combinable contribution should benefit as many as possible.
    Researchers led by Salzburg's geoinformatics scientist Christian Neuwirth had already developed and presented a mathematical model for Covid-19 in May 2020 which examines the question of how long and intensively social distancing measures have to be maintained in order to reduce corona deaths further.
    Results of the study on media use by children and families during lockdown. Home schooling could be improved, but is on the right track. Secondary schools have a better profile. Families have learned to deal with lockdown and homeschooling.
    Digitization has led to an enormous spread of different forms of mobile working. Corona has brought an additional boost and has introduced home office in areas and for activities that were previously unimaginable.
    During the time of Corona, in particular, it became clear just how important it is to support students digitally in their every day university life. The project „On Track“ – stay on track combines digital and social worlds. It is starting at the right time!
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