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  • News
    The Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg (Hauptbibliothek und Fakultätsbibliothek für Rechtswissenschaften) opens the door to the public and offers a varied program.
    The symposium on Labour Law at the University of Salzburg deals with topics such as "Flexible Gestaltung von Arbeitszeit und Arbeitsort", "Steuerliche Impulse zur Attraktivierung familienfreundlicher Maßnahmen" or " Gleichstellungsanforderungen und unbezahlte Arbeit als Herausforderungen für das familienfreundliche Unternehmen".
    Outstanding pre-scientific work was honoured on 20 September with the HANS-RIEGEL-Fachpreis: In cooperation with the Kaiserschild-Foundation, the University of Salzburg again awarded prizes to students and schools in the state of Salzburg, with a total value of 3550 Euro.
    The Center for Jewish Cultural History at the University of Salzburg offers a public lecture series during the winter semester 2017/18, Thursdays 17:00-19:00, HS E.001 (Unipark). The opening lecture on 5 October will be given by Susanne Plietzsch and Armin Eidherr.
    The kick-off of the new career program "Karriere_Mentoring III" of the Universities of Salzburg, Linz and Krems, which took place on 13 September in Gmunden, went extremely well. In addition to qualified young scientists from the three universities, high-caliber mentors from Germany and abroad took part in the event.
    The fourth "Erwin Kräutler Prize for Contextual Theology and Interreligious Dialogue" will be presented to Dr. Sebastian Pittl and Prof. Dr. Stefan Silver on 3 October, 2017, in HS 101 of the Catholic Theological Faculty (Universitätsplatz 1, Salzburg).
    For a long time, a democratic society was considered self-evident. But globalization, economic crises, populist movements, social tensions and (inter-) cultural conflicts, as well as extremists, question them.
    Important dates and information about registration for courses at the Sprachenzentrum (Language Center), Winter Term 2017/18.
    The opening of the exhibition "Acrylic Painting - Etchings - Mixing Techniques • Elisabeth Jungwirth" will take place on Thursday, 28 September in the Bibliotheksaula of the University Library.
    The Faculty of Education has organized the Summer School, "Bildung des Subjekts", at the Unipark Nonntal. Lecturers are, among others, Winfried Böhm, General Pedagogy, University of Würzburg, and Michael Winkler, General Pedagogy and Theory of Social Pedagogy, University of Jena.
    Orientation for first time University of Salzburg students will be held from 26 to 28 September in the Große Universitätsaula.
  • Veranstaltungen
  • 25.09.17 Dr. Barbara Hofer (Geoinformatik)
    29.09.17 KLANGKÖRPER – KÖRPERKLANG. Experimentieren in Wissenschaft und Kunst
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