17 – 21 July: PLUS Green Campus Summer School

The PLUS Green Campus Summer School goes the next round. From 17 to 21 July, 2017, students of the University of Salzburg will have the opportunity, together with Salzburg AG, to work on scientifically substantiated, practical concepts for answering important future questions.

Die Teilnahme an der Summer School ist für alle Studierenden der Universität Salzburg offen und bietet die Möglichkeit einer interdisziplinären Weiterbildung mit Anwendung im späteren Berufsleben.

Die Teilnahme kann für das jeweilige Studium (3 ECTS) angerechnet werden und ist für die Studierenden kostenlos. Plätze sind begrenzt. Anmeldung erfolgt bis 21.04.2017 über PlusOnline: https://online.uni-salzburg.at/plus_online/wbLv.wbShowLVDetail?pStpSpNr=312815

Mag. Isabella Uhl, BA

Umweltmanagement, Vizerektorat für Qualitätsmanagement und Personalentwicklung

Universität Salzburg

FB Psychologie/Hellbrunnerstr. 34

Tel: 0662/8044-2415

E-mail to Mag. Isabella Uhl, BA

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    At the 18th Salzburg Summer School "European Private Law", held from 3 – 15 July, 2017, at the University of Salzburg under the direction of Professor Michael Rainer, 40 teachers from Europe and approximately 150 students took part. There was no sense of an anti-European sentiment.
    The Summer Uni "ditact_women's IT" of the University of Salzburg is specifically aimed at women with technical interests. It takes place from 21 August to 2 September at the Unipark Nonntal and at the Fachhochschule Salzburg. Information: http://www.ditact.ac.at.
    This year's Week of Higher Education Institutions (Hochschulwochen), which will be held 31 July to 6 August, is devoted to the "public". Program highlights are the award of the theological prize for the life’s work of Eberhard Schockenhoff on 2 August at 19:30, Aula, and an official ceremony with the keynote speaker, sociologist and political scientist, Hartmut Rosa, on 6 August at 10:30 am, Aula.
    Since 15 June, 2017, there have been no roaming charges throughout the EU. Bengt Beier, a student at the University of Salzburg, played a key role in the change of fees.
    Three doctoral students from the University of Salzburg receive scholarships from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). The festive ceremony took place on the 9th of June in the ÖAW Festival in Vienna.
    Recently, Markus Herbst, a member of the Department of Zoological Structural Research at the Department of Cell Biology & Physiology, awarded € 750 endowed by the "Fritz Grasenik Award" of the Austrian Society for Electron Microscopy (ASEM).
    "Reading at the University of Salzburg" - places 1-3 have been awarded. .
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