Scholarships of the Austrian Academy of Sciences for Salzburg Students

Three doctoral students from the University of Salzburg receive scholarships from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). The festive ceremony took place on the 9th of June in the ÖAW Festival in Vienna.

Drei Studierende der Universität Salzburg erhalten ein Stipendium der ÖAW: 

Michael Huemer, Mental Files Theory of Cognitive Development: How Children Represent Identity, Belief and its Intensionality, Fachbereich Psychologie [DOC]

Martin Lindner, Petrogenesis of the Freistadt Granodiorite pluton, Southern Bohemian Massif, Fachbereich Chemie und Physik der Materialien [DOC]

Julia Anna Schön, Heiligkeit administrieren. Die Interessen und Unternehmungen des Stiftes Klosterneuburg und der Habsburger rund um die Heiligsprechung des Babenbergers Leopold III, Fachbereich Geschichte [DOC-team]

Die ausgezeichneten Projekte der StipendiatInnen werden in einer Posterausstellung vom 9. bis zum 14. Juni 2017 in der Aula der ÖAW präsentiert. 

Fotos von der Stipendienverleihung finden Sie in den Fotogalerien.

Foto: Julia Anna Schön - Bild: Elia Zilberberg

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    The Faculty of Education has organized the Summer School, "Bildung des Subjekts", at the Unipark Nonntal. Lecturers are, among others, Winfried Böhm, General Pedagogy, University of Würzburg, and Michael Winkler, General Pedagogy and Theory of Social Pedagogy, University of Jena.
    In Salzburg, the art business will be in full swing in Summer 2017. During the five week Festival, the city, as the cultural centre, is promoting numerous musical and theatrical productions, as well as exhibitions.
    The Summerschool is a cooperative project of the Universities of Graz, Vienna and Salzburg. The program includes visits to the UNESCO World Heritage cities of Salzburg, Graz and Vienna. Coordinator of the University of Salzburg is the communication scientist, Kurt Luger.
    At the 18th Salzburg Summer School "European Private Law", held from 3 – 15 July, 2017, at the University of Salzburg under the direction of Professor Michael Rainer, 40 teachers from Europe and approximately 150 students took part. There was no sense of an anti-European sentiment.
    The Summer Uni "ditact_women's IT" of the University of Salzburg is specifically aimed at women with technical interests. It takes place from 21 August to 2 September at the Unipark Nonntal and at the Fachhochschule Salzburg. Information: http://www.ditact.ac.at.
    Invitation to visit books, study scores, photos, as well as personal documents and more.
    This year's Week of Higher Education Institutions (Hochschulwochen), which will be held 31 July to 6 August, is devoted to the "public". Program highlights are the award of the theological prize for the life’s work of Eberhard Schockenhoff on 2 August at 19:30, Aula, and an official ceremony with the keynote speaker, sociologist and political scientist, Hartmut Rosa, on 6 August at 10:30 am, Aula.
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