Graduation and Doctoral Thesis Celebration on 11 October, 2017

On 11 October, 2017, the University of Salzburg warmly congratulated graduates who celebrated their graduations and/or completion of doctoral theses.

Katholisch-Theologische Rechtswissenschaften

Dr.theol.: Mag.theol. Bettina Brandstetter, Salzburg


LLB.oec.: Sandra Sinzinger, St. Martin im Innkreis

Mag.iur.: Sandra Anna Göstl, Mühlbach; Carolin Häupl, Nussdorf; Pia Kirnbauer, Inna Klein, Anna Macheiner, Sarah Louise Ried, Julia Schauer B.rer.nat. MSc, Lisa-Sophie Sönser, Salzburg; Jessica Wagner, Vöcklabruck

Dr.iur.: Mag.iur. Christian Zeilinger BA, Ried; Mag.iur. Johannes Stoll LLB.oec., Vöcklamarkt; Mag.iur. Elisabeth Simader, Hallwang; Bernhard Rausch, Thalgau.

Kultur-und Gesellschaftswissenschaften  

Mag.phil.: Magdalena Sachsperger, Ottensheim; Patricia Teufl, Aurach am Hongar; Lisa Stumbauer, St. Oswald bei Freistadt; Giuliano Poli, Salzburg; Simone Badergruber, Schildorn

Master of Arts Studium:  Iris Elisabeth Walchshofer BSc, Linz; Laura Steinacker BA ,BA, Salzburg; Michael Prentner BA, Haid; Karl Heinz Pechmann BA, Pregarten

Dr.phil.: Mag.phil. Melanie Anna Kerschner, Kirchschlag bei Linz; Xin Hou Bakk.Komm., München; Walter Kuhnert, Riedering


Mag.rer.nat.: Lara Maria Leutgeb, Wartberg/Krems; Christoph Reichegger, Zell am See

MSc Lehrgang: Christoph Andreas Oratsch, Klagenfurt; Thomas Bamberger, Obertrum am See


BSc: Achim Ehrenbrandtner, Salzburg; Christina Maria Buchinger, Weißenkirchen; Evelyn ULZ, Salzburg

Mag.rer.nat.: Tamara Hackenbuchner, Hofkirchen; Gerald Hirnböck, Henndorf am Wallersee; Christina Nenning, Perg; Janine Promberger, Bad Ischl; Romana Dorfer, St. Florian am Inn

MSc Studium: Gabriele Grasmann BSc, Grödig

Dr.phil.: Mag.rer.nat. Natalie Heidemarie Baumgartner-Hirscher, Grödig

Dr.rer.nat.: Claudia Asam B.rer.nat. MSc, Salzburg; Theresa Neuper B.rer.nat. MSc, Mattsee; Martin Wolf B.rer.nat. MSc, Salzburg

Mag. G. Pfeifer


Universität Salzburg


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  • News
    Starting 1 March, 2018, an interdisciplinary series on the topic of "Migration, Labor Market and Social Policy" takes place at the Department of Labor and Business Law every Thursday between 17:00 and 20:00. The lectures focus on the topic of migration and the question of providing adequate answers regarding social policy challenges for state and society. The series consists of 13 contributions from a historical, political and jurisprudential perspective.
    On 1 February, 2018, the third-party-funded research project “TransMiK”, which is based at the Department of Education, started. The acronym stands for "Transit", "Migration" and "Köln", and makes reference to the theme of "Living and working in Köln (Cologne)". On-site guided interviews were conducted with 150 employees of the airport Köln (Cologne) / Bonn from the business division "Ground Services”.
    Orientation week for Erasmus and exchange students who will be attending the University of Salzburg during the summer term 2018 will take place Monday, 19 February until Friday, 23 February, 2018.
    As many as 160 pupils closely followed a lecture on on topic of "Cybermobbing, hate postings & illegal downloads. The criminal law view on cybercrime and other phenomena in the WWW ". The criminal law expert of the University of Salzburg, Prof. Hubert Hinterhofer, provided information on when you make yourself punishable and how to protect yourself.
    Important dates and information regarding registration for the courses available at the Language Center during the 2018 Summer Semester. .
    From 7 March to 27 June, 2018, on Wednesdays, 18:00 to 19:30, the Unipark Nonntal will be holding lectures from various disciplines in the lecture series, AUFKLÄRUNG UND GEGENAUFKLÄRUNG: RELIGIÖSE POLEMIK GEGEN KUNST - KÜNSTLERISCHE POLEMIK GEGEN RELIGION.
    Organized by the Department of Philosophy KTH and the International Ferdinand Ebner Society: on 8 and 9 March 2018 (University of Salzburg, Europasaal in Edmundsburg).
    Lecture at the 17th Austrian Archaeological Day on Monday, 26 February, 2018, at 19:00 in HS 230 (Kapitelgasse 4) by Prof. Dr. Ing. Andreas Schachner (German Archaeological Institute, Turkey).
    At the end of May 2018, the new EU Data Protection Basic Regulation enters into force and with it the amendments to the Austrian Data Protection Act. The new data protection law aims at better protection of personal data in the digital age. On 1 February, 2018, the Department of Public Law, National and European Law of the University of Salzburg organized a conference at the Edmundsburg Salzburg with lectures from both academics and practitioners in the field.
    Patrizia Stoitzner will give a guest lecture on "Skin Dendritic Cells in Tumor Immunity" on 5 March, 2018, at 16:00 in the Grünen Hörsaal (403) of the NW-Faculty. The Department Biowissenschaften invites you to attend!
    From 7 March 7 to 27 June, 2018, on Wednesdays, 18:00 – 19:30, the lecture series "Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment: Religious Polemic Against Art - Artistic Polemics Against Religion" will take place in the Unipark Nonntal with lecturers from different disciplines.
    On Wednesday, 14 March, 2018, the University of Salzburg cordially invites pupils, parents and interested parties to inform themselves about the wide range of courses offered. The program can be found here.
    Once again this year, the WissensNetzwerk Recht, Wirtschaft und Arbeitswelt, together with the Vienna Center for Legal Informatics (WZRI) of the University of Vienna, has organized the largest and most important scientific conference in Austria and Central Europe in the field of legal informatics: the International Legal Informatics Symposium IRIS. The event will be held from 22 to 24 February, 2018, at the Faculty of Law of the University of Salzburg.
  • Veranstaltungen
  • 20.02.18 Steuerliche Folgen bei Grundstücksübertragungen im Rahmen von Unternehmensübergaben
    23.02.18 Transformative Recovery? The European Recovery Program (ERP)/Marshall Plan in European Tourism
    23.02.18 Buchpräsentation: The Marshall Plan - since 1947. Saving Europe, rebuilding Austria.
    24.02.18 Transformative Recovery? The European Recovery Program (ERP)/Marshall Plan in European Tourism
    26.02.18 Ausgrabungen in Boğazköy-Hattuša. Von der Bronzezeit bis in die römische Kaiserzeit
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