Latest information concerning Corona-related restrictions at our University

The current situation in Austria now urgently requires further measures to slow down the spread of the coronavirus and to minimise its negative effects. According to the decisions communicated by the National Council yesterday, there will be Austria-wide restrictions imposed on citizens leaving their homes, starting from 0:00 on the 16th March 2020.

We are all urged to reduce social interactions even further. For this reason, the following measures have been agreed by the Rectorate for the University of Salzburg:

General information and communication

  • There will generally be no access to the University of Salzburg, unless the employee’s presence is required to carry out necessary on-site work. The responsible members of the Rectorate or Heads of organisational units will contact persons concerned. Others can work from home within available means, if it is possible and logical for them to do so, as regular work at the University is not planned until these measures have been lifted. Contact with their supervisors (Heads of Departments, Heads of Divisions, Deans, Heads of Centers and Focus areas (“Schwerpunkte”)) must be guaranteed during these measures. Please exchange phone numbers to ensure a clear communication channel is established.

  • In the same respect, it is important to insure an information exchange between Deans and Heads of Departments and the responsible Rectorate members:

Faculties and departments:

o  Faculty of Natural Science and Interfaculty departments: Vice Rector Hüsing
o  Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences and School of Education: Vice Rector Weichbold
o  Faculty of Law; Department of Social and Economic Sciences: Vice Rector Hutter
o  Faculty of Catholic Theology: Rector Lehnert

Centres/ Focus areas (“Schwerpunkte”)/ University bodies:

o  Centers and University bodies (Works Council „Betriebsrat“ I & II, Equal Opportunities Working Group „Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen (AKG)“): Rector Lehnert
o  Focus areas (“Schwerpunkte”): Vice Rector Hüsing
o  “Wissenschaft & Kunst”: Vice Rector Weichbold

The Rectorate must be able to contact Heads of the Departments, their representatives and Faculty Deans.

Should employees live in Germany, we encourage them to carry out assigned tasks from home if possible. If you belong to the group of employees required for on-site work, please contact your supervisor.

Where possible, the university will be providing the necessary infrastructure for working from home (ticket(at)sbg.ac.at). Please also consult your supervisor about any issues that may arise.

Teaching and research

  • All previously arranged external meetings must be cancelled until further notice. A maximum of five people can hold a meeting within the University. Please observe the general safety measures. If such a meeting is arranged, this must be in consultation with the responsible supervisor.

  • Teaching will be continued, as previously announced, using online learning.

  • Assistants and tutors are requested to continue to support teaching activities from home in consultation with their supervisor or course leader.

  • All laboratory work, including ongoing tests and/or testing devices must be stopped. Trials and long-term tests, the termination of which would impose higher financial costs or require more time invested in any recovery efforts, can be continued by using as little personnel maintenance as possible. Due to nationwide restrictions, on-site field experiments and research requiring any increased social contact must be suspended for the time being. Please inform the Research Service (“Forschungsservice”) and/or your funding providers.

We ask for your understanding. Thank you very much for your support and the continued cooperation in the implementation of these measures. Take care and stay healthy!

With sincere thanks and best regards 

Your rectorate team
Hendrik Lehnert
Nicola Hüsing
Katja Hutter
Barbara Romauer
Martin Weichbold

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