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Distance learning for exchange students and the completion of courses from overseas.


What will happen with my Erasmus+ grant if I return early from my stay abroad?

More detailed information from the National Agency in Vienna relevant to students spending their exchange semesters in Erasmus partner countries (outside the EU) is expected to beannounced soon.

The following information applies to all Erasmus students and trainees in programme countries (EU member states, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, FYR Macedonia and Serbia)

The National Agency has sent the following in an email with therequired documents to all registered participants on Friday, 20.03.2020:

Interruptions and terminations in connection with measures to prevent the spread ofCOVID-19are considered as interruptions or terminations due to force majeure. This means that interruptions and cancellations beforethe minimum duration of the stay are possible.

a. You have cancelled your stay abroad

Students who have had to be cut their stay shortwill only be granted money based on the exact number of days spent time abroad, which will be taken from theirconfirmation of stay. You can also apply for special financial assistance. Thosewho have had to payexceptionally high costs due to these rare circumstanceswillbe offered support. This assistance is a voluntary service andmay not cover all costs incurred by the inconvenience students are facing when travelling home.

If you have incurred exceptionally high costs in terms of travel and accommodation, which exceed the regular costs, you can submit a request for special support through theNational Agency directly. Generally, special financial assistance can be granted up to the amount of a monthly grant (30 days' grant for the respective country category). The formrequired has been sent out with the e-mail to all participants.

If you have had to endyour stay, but no higher additional costs were incurred, please send your confirmation of stay (by post or email) to the Erasmus Department of the OeADin Salzburg, where your grant will be processed on the basis of the days spent abroad:

Erasmus-ReferatKaigasse 28/3
5020 Salzburg

If you have had to endyour stay, please note the following:

• Studentsdo not have to reach the minimum durationof stay of 2 months (for traineeships)or 3 months (for study visits). Please ask your host institution to issue a confirmation of residence (printed or electronic). Please also keepyourselfinformedabout closures from your host institution.

• Studentsdo nothave to complete the minimum of 3 ECTS credits per monthif you are unable to partake inexaminations. There will beno subsequent checksby the National Agency concerning credit recognitionat the home university. The International Relations Office at your home university will be happy to advise you on the recognition of credits already earned.

• Completion of the EU survey (the final report on your stay) is recommendedbut not mandatory.

b. You would only like to pause your stay abroad:

If you would like to wait to see whether it is possible to return later (i.e. in May, June) to continue and finish your stay or to take exams, the following option is open to you:

• An interruption of up to 30 days will not be deducted from your originally authorised length of stay, in accordance with the principle of force majeure. If you pause your stay for up to 30 days, the amount of your allowance will not change. If the interruption lasts longer, this time will not be subsidised and will be deducted from thefullduration of your stay.

• Studentsdo nothave to complete the minimum of 3 ECTS credits per monthif you are unable to partake inexaminations. There will beno subsequent checksby the National Agency concerning credit recognitionat the home university. The International Relations Office at your home university will be happy to advise you on the recognition of credits already earned.

• Afteryour stay, please submit the host institution's confirmation of stay as well as evidence of the interruption (e.g. travel documents for the return journey and the return journey) to the OeAD and complete the EU survey. The length of stayat the host institution and the duration of the interruptionmust be clearly stated.

• If you are not able to continue your stay later, the case will be handled like acancellation.

Will the Erasmus grant be paid in full if I cannot/do not wish to return to the host institution within the planned period of stay, but successfully complete the courses I started abroad online?

The National Agency's stanceon this will be published later this week. This means that there is no official responseyet. After initial conversations, it seems likely that in the event of an early departure from the host country, without returning at a later date but after successful completion of the agreed courses at the host institution using online tools provided, the Erasmus stay will be recognised as having been successfully completed. In this case, the course work was completed abroad (please also note the previous information on minimum creditsin the case of "force majeure") and the stay wouldtherefore be recognised,as originally agreed.

I was abroad with a grantfrom the University of Salzburg and had to come homeearly. Will Ihave to pay back the grant?

In this case, students must repay the portion the country ratefor the time which they did not spendabroad. Any costs that can be directly related to the planned study stay and are incurred as a result of contractual obligations -such as rent or non-refundable deposits -can be deducted from the amount to be refunded, but onlyupon presentation of receiptsand other documentation. The circumstances must be examined in detail foreach case.

Am I allowed participate in the courses of my foreign host institution via Distance Learning and the PLUS courses at the same time?

Regardless of whether you drop out of your stay abroad completely or use the tools provided by the host institutions to complete courses begun there online, the following will apply:

In agreement with the respective course leader, PLUS students can now enrol for courses at the PLUS in the current summer semester, follow them via Distance Learning and complete them. This means that even students who are officially spending a semester abroad can, under the given circumstances, attend PLUS courses at the same time.

Is my planned Erasmus+ traineeship in the summer semester 2020 still possible?

It is currently strongly recommended not to start your planned Erasmus+ traineeship. If you have not yet started your Erasmus+ stay, you can discuss a possible postponement with the International Relations Office (mariane.wonneberger(at)sbg.ac.at).

Is an Erasmus+ stay in the winter semester 2020/21 still possible?

At present, it is not recommended to study or complete a traineeshipabroad for the time being. The University of Salzburg, as well as its Erasmus cooperation partners, hopes for a diffusion ofthe situation in the winter semester 2020/21. Preparations for planned Erasmus stays in the winter semester 2020/21 are already underway among students and partnerinstitutions. Studentscan apply and be nominated for anErasmus+ stay in the upcoming winter semester but must take the current PLUS measures regarding COVID-19 into account.

The deadline for submitting the completed and signed application documents for an Erasmus grant for the upcoming winter semester or academic yearis the 15th June 2020; the deadline for applications for the summer semester in 2021 is the 15th November 2020:

International Relations Office
Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 18 (2nd Floor)
5020 Salzburg

I am a third-country national (citizen of a country outside the EU) with a residence permit in Austria. May I travel to Austria?

Yes, third-country nationals with a valid residence permit or a valid “D”visa may enterthe country. Those arriving in Austria mustsign a formal declaration in which they agree to enter home quarantine for 14 days upon entryinto the country. Should you enter the Schengen area via another country (e.g. Germany), you must present a medical certificate upon entry via the open border crossing.

Will the “China Know-How” and Chinese-Austrian-EU summer schools be taking place this year?

Whether the summer school can take place in summer will depend on the development of the current COVID-19 situation worldwide. A final decision as to whether they can take place will be made in the rectorate after the 13th April.

Can students take part in an exchange semester or year (as outgoing students of the PLUS) at a Chinese partner university in the winter semester 2020/2021?

The nomination process for the winter semester 2020/2021 at the Chinese partner universities is up and running. PLUS students are welcome to apply now for an exchange in the winter semester 2020/2021 at the Chinese partner universities. The final decision as to whether the exchange can take place will be agreed on later. Students will be kept informed about developments.


Where can I get support if I have concerns about my health?

If you have recently been travelling or are concerned, you may have symptoms, please stay at home and avoid contact with others.

Please call 1450 or use this link to guide you on next steps: www.sozialministerium.at/en.html

I decided to stay in Salzburg. How can I spend my time now that on-campus teaching has been cancelled? Do I have to stay in my accommodation?

The recent measures put in place by the Austrian authorities to preventthe spread of the coronavirus (valid until at least April 13, 2020) permit only very limited social contact.

Going outside is permitted only...

1. ...for work engagements and urgent activities that cannotbe delayed or carried out from your own home,

2. ...to make urgent purchases at supermarkets, pharmacies, doctors, etc.,

3. ...to help other people in urgent need.

Taking a short walk, jogging or cyclingis still allowed, but only if youarealone or with people you share a householdwith (does not apply for student accommodation).

Please do follow the government's recommendation and only leave your home if it is necessary! You can stay in contact with your friends via phone, Skype etc. If you do have to go outside,please keep a safe distance to all other people of at least 1 metre.

I live in a student dorm. Are my friends allowed to visit me?

No strangers or guests are allowed in any dormitory.

Is my student dorm closing because of COVID-19?

No. Stay in close contact to the responsible staff member.

I want to leave Salzburg. Can I continue my exchange semester at PLUS?

a. Yes.You may participate in distance learning from home and finish courses without being present in Salzburg. For this purpose, please write an email to the teachers of the courses you attend (“CC” contact person at PLUS International Office and your Departmental Coordinator at PLUS). It is up to every teacher to decide on if and how you can continue the course. For example, you might be required to hand in homework and assignments online. Instead of a physical exam, you might have to write a term paper or complete additional assignments.

b. Alternatively, you can continue distance learning from home and come back to Salzburgwhen PLUS starts on-campus classes again. This option must be discussed with your home university and exchange program’s coordinator as well, e.g. Erasmus, SEMP, ISEP, etc.

When will regular on-campus classes start again?

We are not able to tell you exactly when regular on-campus teaching will start again. Distance learning at PLUS will be continued until at least the 3rdApril 2020 (start of our Easter break). The Easter break at PLUS lasts from 4thto the 19thApril 2020.

I still have books from the University of Salzburg library. What should I do?

Since all library locations at PLUS are closed until further notice, please do not come to the campus to return books. You will not be charged any fine. You can access all digital media and e-resources via UBsearch: www.uni-salzburg.at/bibliothek

What do I have to do before leaving Salzburg?

Whether you plan to come back to Salzburg later or not, please remember to inform our international office, your departmental coordinator, home university and accommodation about the exact date of your departure. Contact us if you require aconfirmation of attendance.

I have decided NOT to come back to Salzburg and wish to cancel my exchange. How can I deregister from courses and university?

Write an email to the course teacher and inform him/her that you will not be takingpart in theirclasses anymore. As personal deregistration via PLUSonline is no longerpossible, ask the teacher to deregister you from the course, if possible. The registration with the University of Salzburg will end automatically by November 30, 2020.

Is there anything else I need to sort out before I leave Salzburg?

1. You must deregister your residence in Salzburg by sending an email with the copy of the registration form called “Meldezettel” and an ID/passport copy to: meldeamt(at)stadt-salzburg.at

Link to the registration form:www.help.gv.at/Portal.Node/hlpd/public/resources/documents/meldez.pdf

Please only fill in the section “ABMELDUNG der Unterkunft in...”with your address in Salzburg. Answer the question “Sie verziehen ins Ausland...”(Are you moving abroad) with “ja” (yes) and give the name of your home country. Sign the form in the field on the bottom right. A signature of your dormitory/landlord is not required!

2. If you opened a bank account in Salzburg:In most cases, the closing of your bank account in Salzburg is possible via online banking; please contact your bank institute for further details.

I am not sure whether I will be able to find a flight back home and enter my home country without problems. Where can I get assistance?

All countries are currently providingspecial travel advice and services to their citizens.

Please contact the embassy / consulate of your country in Austria and national authorities to informyourself about the latest regulations: www.bmeia.gv.at/en/embassies-consulates/search-for-foreign-representations-in-austria

Do I have to pay back my grant if I leave Salzburg earlier than planned?

• For Erasmus+ students from programme countries, students within SEMP, ISEP who receive the grand from their home university/county:Please contact your home university and programme coordinators for details.

• For Erasmus+ students from partner countries:The European Commission and Austrian National Agency of Erasmus are currently working on the reimbursement procedure. We will update you as soon as we know the details.

Is the International Office closed?

The International Relations Office - like all other university offices – is closed. The team of the International Office is available for your questions via email: www.uni-salzburg.at/index.php?id=23789&MP=23789-54183


  • News
    The botanical gardens of the University of Salzburg will reopen on the 2nd June. Normal opening times will apply from the 2nd June.
    01.09.-12.09.2020, https://ditact.ac.at. Due to the current pandemic situation the ditact_womens IT summer studies of the University of Salzburg will take place a week later than planned, from the 01.09.-12.09.2020. Most of the courses will be held online.
    The Vice Rectorate for Research, Nicola Hüsing, received five thousand face masks, which were donated by Gebrüder Woerle Ges.m.b.H. in keeping with the motto „SHARING is CARING“ . The face masks were given out to the employees of the University of Salzburg.
    Due to the current situation personal contact with the Psychological Counseling Center is not possible at the moment. We are however available by e-mail, telephone, chat or video chat. Unfortunately, our normal range of workshops cannot take place in the usual way. We would however like to offer the following webinars as an alternative.
    We are gradually learning how to adapt to the Corona outbreak, both in our everyday lives as well as at the university. For us, this means changing to online teaching for the duration of the current semester. Courses and exams held in lecture halls and seminar rooms will not be possible, with exception to some special exams. Regulations for this are currently being drawn up; exceptions are also to be made for selected laboratory exercises and practical sports courses.
    Information of 23rd April 2020: The Minister of Science’s new ruling on special regulations for study law at universities has now been announced, which gives us the opportunity to regulate some important matters. Please note that these regulations have been set for a limited time period (i.e. for this semester, but sometimes even beyond this).
    Current information on labour law at PLUS
    The most important information on the changes to research services at the University of Salzburg.
    Distance learning for exchange students and the completion of courses from overseas.
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