27.5.: Lecture "Music and the Mind" - Webex-Meeting

Lecture in English. The new series of lectures "Music & Medicine" presents scientific and artistic contributions from leading international experts from various disciplines. The interactions and mechanisms between experience, processing and the psychophysiological effects music can have on people will be examined to understand how music and can promote health and well being.

Mittwoch, 27.5.2020, 17 Uhr - Webex-Meeting
Vortrag "Music and the Mind" mit James Hudziak MD

James Hudziak MD ist international bekannt für seine Arbeit im Bereich der psychiatrischen Genetik sowie in der wachstumsbasierten Neuro-Bildgebung zur Untersuchung des Verhaltens bei Kindern und Jugendlichen. Er ist Direktor des Vermont Center für Kinder, Jugendliche und Familien am College of Medicine der University of Vermont und Professor für Psychiatrie, Medizin und Pädiatrie an der UVM.James Hudziak ist der Schöpfer eines Behandlungsprogramms zur Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention von Krankheiten mit dem Titel "The Vermont Family Based Approach". Der Ansatz ist das direkte Ergebnis seiner über 30-jährigen Erfahrung in Genetik und Neurowissenschaften und basiert auf der einfachen Tatsache, dass der beste Weg zur Förderung der Gesundheit von Kindern und Familien darin besteht, der Familie zu helfen.In diesem Vortrag wird Dr. Hudziak erörtern, wie Musik zur emotionalen Gesundheit von Kindern beitragen kann.

Eine Veranstaltung von (Inter)Mediation in Kooperation mit der Universitätsklinik für Kinder und Jugendpsychiatrie der Christian-Doppler-Klinik und der Paracelsus Medizinischen Privatuniversität (PMU) Salzburg
Vortragender: Prof. Dr. MD James Hudziak (Vermont Center für Kinder, Jugendliche und Familien am College of Medicine, University of Vermont, USA). Moderator/in: Dr. Katarzyna Grebosz-Haring. 

Programm: hier

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    The hearings will take place Wednesday, 8th July at 10 am in lecture theatre 103 (3rd floor) in the Faculty of Catholic Theology, Universitätsplatz 1.
    From October 2020 the University of Salzburg will be offering the new bachelor's degree „Medical Biology“. The course aims to convey the diversity of the biomedical science disciplines and therefore facilitates a multi-faceted, biological understanding for topics which are essential for medicine.The course content ranges from the small scale structure of the cell and organs and organ systems to the biology of complex interpersonal interactions.
    According to the Shanghai Rankings 2020 Salzburg's Political Science Department was ranked amongst the top 100, together with only four other German universities and the University of Vienna. There are only a few continental European universities in the top 100. The vast majority are US or British institutions.
    The Sarah-Samuel-Prize for short prose 2020 goes to Thomas Stangl for his book „Die Geschichte des Körpers (The History of the Body)“ (Droschl Verlag, Graz).
    Scientists from the University of Salzburg support the initiative "Scientist4Future Österreich" and the climate change petition by publishing quotes.
    How do city dwellers react to environmental migrants from rural areas, especially in developing countries? Salzburg's political scientist Gabriele Spilker worked with international team and interviewed 2400 people in Kenya and Vietnam. The study was published on Monday, 22nd June 2020 in the journal Nature Climate Change.
    From October 2020 the University of Salzburg will be offering the new Bachelor's degree course „Materials and Sustainability“. The course is aimed at those who are interested in materials science and want to face the current challenges of climate changel, scarcity of resources and sustainability and who are interested in law, economics and social sciences in addition to their scientific interests.
    The university has gone public with its new logo. This follows an intensive brand building process: „At the turn of the year 2019/2020 we developed the communication strategy KOM PLUS 2020 “, explained Rector Hendrik Lehnert.
    The theological faculty of the University of Salzburg is offering a new curriculum in Catholic Theology for new students from the winter semester of 20/21, with a reduction in the attendance time and the acceleration of the the bachelor's degree from eight to six semesters.
    150 participants have already taken the opportunity to register for more than 50 courses on IT and digitialisation at the ditact_women's IT summer studies at the University of Salzburg, which will take place from the 01.09.-12.09.2020.Registration is still possible until the 12. July and then the remaining places will be taken as last minute reservations.
    „UNInteressant? – "Ideas that will improve our lives": With this slogan Universities Austria (uniko) is launching an online-campaign, in which all of the 22 public universities will cooperate with the Austrian Science Fund the FWF.
    01.09.-12.09.2020, https://ditact.ac.at. Due to the current pandemic situation the ditact_womens IT summer studies of the University of Salzburg will take place a week later than planned, from the 01.09.-12.09.2020. Most of the courses will be held online.
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