PLUS Talks on the Development Plan 2022-2027

With the PLUS Talk, a new form of communication was introduced to the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg in 2020. Within the framework of this format members of the rectorate discuss certain key issues with employees of the PLUS, students and public representatives. The discussions take place LIVE and offer participants the opportunity to ask questions on current topics.

Zuletzt stand Rektor Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Lehnert am 14.12.20 sowie am 14.01.21 zum Thema „Entwicklungsplan der Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg 2022-2027“ für Anregungen und Rückfragen zur Verfügung.

Interessierte können ab heute die Aufzeichnungen zu den PLUS Talks betreffend Entwicklungsplan online einsehen. Auf der dafür eingerichteten Informationsseite findet sich darüber hinaus auch die Aufzeichnung zum PLUS Talk am 25.11.20, dessen Thema Lehre und Studium im Wintersemester 2020/21 war. Gäste waren Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Weichbold, Vizerektor für Lehre und Studium, und ÖH-Vorsitzende Keya Baier.

Alle Informationen und Aufzeichnungen zum Format PLUS Talk finden Sie hier.

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    The Project Application BioMat-TEM with the total volume of €1,948 million within the Framework of the Infrastructure funding from the Austrian Research Promotion Agenvy (FFG) has been approved.
    Six researchers from Europe and the USA were recently honored with the prestigious IFIP TC13 Pioneer Award for outstanding contributions on the topic of Human-Computer Interaction worldwide.Among them is the Head of HCI at the PLUS, Prof. Manfred Tscheligi.
    Prof. Dr. Jude Lal Fernando, Assistant Professor at the Irish School of Ecumenics at Trinity College Dublin, will be holding lectures in SS 2021 on the topic of "Interreligious Relations in Asia" at the Centre for Intercultural Theology in the area of Religious Studies.
    Invitation to the online conference: Corona - a catastrophe?
    The programme for the summer semester is now online and the courses will be released shortly. We have improved our entrepreneurship courses. register by the 14th March 2021.
    The restrictions of the pandemic – not only at the university – are becoming even more testing. Thank to everyone who, despite all the difficulties, has helped to keep the university running as best they can.
    Challenges, processes and ambivalences -ÖFEB Social Pedagogy Section Series, Volume 6
    After talks with the ministry and intensive consultation with the deans, the rectorate of the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg has decided that exams should generally only be conducted online at the moment. The following points apply here:
    We would like to remind you of the Call for Lectures, which is still open until 28th February. Apply to be a lecturer at the ditact_women‘s IT summer studies, which will take place from the 23rd August.- 04th September 2021 at the University of Salzburg. It is very important to us to also support young female lecturers. E
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  • 25.02.21 Grenzgänge - Folgen von neuen Grenzen für Arbeit und Unternehmen 25.02.2021
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