31 January: Guest Lecture by Nadine Marquardt (Bonn) on "Poverty and Punishment - Critical Perspectives on the Connection Between Indebtedness and Deprivation of Liberty"


On 31 January, 2019, Professor Nadine Marquardt (Bonn) will come to Salzburg for a guest lecture on "Poverty and Punishment".

11 January, 2018: Public Lecture “Ethical Considerations on Migrants’ Right to Vote”


On 11 January, 2018, Professor Anna Goppel (Bern) will be a guest at the Center for Ethics and Poverty Research (ZEA). She will give a public lecture entitled "Migration and Political Participation: Ethical Considerations on the Right of Migrants to Vote".

20 June: Public Lecture "International Finance" with Prof. Lisa Herzog (Munich)


On 20 June, 2017, Prof. Lisa Herzog from the Munich University of Politics will hold a public lecture on the effects of international financial mechanisms from the point of view of global justice.

5 April: Public Lecture by Prof. Christian Neuhäuser (TU Dortmund): "Persistent Poverty and the Borders of the Welfare State"


On 5 April, 2017, Prof. Christian Neuhäuser (TU Dortmund) will give a public lecture on "Anhaltende Armut und die Grenzen des Wohlfahrtsstaates" at the Center for Ethics and Poverty Research.

2 December: Book Symposium: Ethics and the Endangerment of Children’s Bodies


On the occasion of the new publication of the book, "Ethics and the Endangerment of Children's Bodies", the authors Gunter Graf and Gottfried Schweiger hold a discussion with international guests. The book symposium will take place on 2 December at the Center for Ethics and Poverty Research.