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Refereed Conference Proceedings

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AGILE 2015 Workshop, June 9, Lisbon, Portugal: Geoprocessing on the Web - Science-driven and Community-driven; organized by Johannes Brauner (Technische Universität Dresden), Barbara Hofer (University of Salzburg)

AGILE 2018 Workshop, June 12, Lund Sweden: Reproducible Reseearch @ AGILE;

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    As part of a six year long laser scan-monitoring in the Hohen Tauern geoscientists from Austria, Germany and Switzerland (GEORESEARCH, University of Salzburg, TU Munich, University of Bonn, University of Lausanne) examined the connection between the current glacier retreat and rockfall activity.
    New publication from the der MINT and the Media Didactics of the University of Salzburg by Waxmann Verlag.
    The EPU Project Call 2020 is now open! The deadline for submissions is the 17th November 2020 (12:00).
    The Faculty of Slavic Studies, the cultural centre DAS KINO and the Russian Centre invite you to the fifth series of cinema films from Eastern and Central Europe. As part of the film club „Slawistyka, Slavistika, Cлавистика“ award winning current Polish, Russian and Czech films with political and social themes will be shown.
    Applications for two dissertation prizes (worth 2,000 euros each) can be made until the 31st October.
    The Language Center has been active in the field of intercomprehension didactics for almost 20 years,Well-known multilingual didactics experts, came together to present the current state of research in this area.The result is the anthology "Lehr- und Lernkompetenzen für die Interkompehension. Perspektiven für die mehrsprachige Bildung (Teaching and Learning Skills for Intercomprehension. Perspectives for Multilingual Education)"Band 10 der Salzburger Reihe zur Lehrer/innen/bildung.
    During the time of Corona, in particular, it became clear just how important it is to support students digitally in their every day university life. The project „On Track“ – stay on track combines digital and social worlds. It is starting at the right time!
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