Current Publications

Traun, C. (2018): Impulse aus der Praxis –Bereicherung von Forschung und Lehre aus berufsbegleitenden GI-Bildungsangeboten. In: Kersten, T.P., E. Gülch, J. Schiewe, T.H. Kolbe, U. Stilla (Hrsg.), 38. Wissenschaftlich-Technische Jahrestagung der DGPF und PFGK18 Tagung in München – Publikationen der DGPF, Band 27: 461-464. link

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Loidl, M., Traun, C., Wallentin, G. (2016): Spatial patterns and temporal dynamics of urban bicycle crashes - A case study from Salzburg (Austria). In: Journal of Transport Geography 52, 38-50. link

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  • News
    The Center for the Study of the Christian East, or Das Zentrum zur Erforschung des Christlichen Ostens (ZECO), of the University of Salzburg held one of the largest international scientific congresses in Kazakhstan from 20 to 27 June, 2019.
    A total of 50 people from various renowned Chinese institutions dealing with Human Rights, led by Prof. Kaminski, China expert from Vienna, and Mr. LU Guangjin, Secretary General of the China Society for Human Rights Studies in Beijing, visited Faculty of Law, University of Salzburg on 20 June.
    Registration for the courses of ditact_women's IT summer studies is in full swing. The first registration deadline will run until 8 July, after which the remaining place exchange will be opened.
    The Botanical Garden invites you to a free guided tour! Meeting point: entrance to the Botanical Garden. Duration: about two hours. The tours takes place in all weather conditions. Botanical Garden, Hellbrunnerstrasse 34.
    The 7th Salzburg Summer School will take place the 2nd and 3rd of September, 2019. A comprehensive pedagogical summer education program is offered for teachers and student teachers of all types of schools and subjects. Registrations are possible.
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  • 23.07.19 Salzburger Apotheker-Kräutergarten
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