Geology Studies

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The study of geology at the University of Salzburg introduces the structures, characteristics, formation conditions, and formation processes of the solid Earth and its components - rocks and minerals - and provides scientific training in the professional fields of geology. In line with this objective and the international trend, the study programme follows a three-tier university system (Bachelor - Master - Doctor). The study of geology is divided into a six-semester bachelor´s degree and a four-semester master's program.

Contact persons

Chairman of the Curriculum Commission (curriculum):

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Steyrer
Tel. 0662-8044-5412

Ass.-Prof. Dr.  Sylke Hilberg (deputy)
Tel. 0662-8044-5465

Informations regarding study and the study plans:

Irene Weinberger
Tel. 0662-8044-5414

Student representatives (student counselling, credit issues):
Tel. 0662-8044-5478

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    Each year, the Sustainability Science Award of the Ecological Society of America is presented to authors of internationally significant peer-reviewed publications, who have been exemplary contributors to sustainability challenges over the past five years.
    At the end of the Salzburger Hochschulwochen, outgoing Rector Heinrich Schmidinger pleaded for contemporary humanism in response to a complex and confused world. Anyone who gives in to the longing for simplicity will ring in the hour of ideology.
    Democracy and the rule of law seem to have experienced better times in Europe. The recent developments in many countries point to a dismantling of the rule of law, fundamental rights and democracy.
    The Botanical Garden invites you to a free guided tour! Meeting point: entrance to the Botanical Garden. Duration: about two hours. The tours takes place in all weather conditions. Botanical Garden, Hellbrunnerstrasse 34.
    The 7th Salzburg Summer School will take place the 2nd and 3rd of September, 2019. A comprehensive pedagogical summer education program is offered for teachers and student teachers of all types of schools and subjects. Registrations are possible.
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  • 20.08.19 Salzburger Apotheker-Kräutergarten
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