Quaidam Bildleiste

Basin-Mountain Coupling in Western China

PhD student Researcher Researcher

External collaborator
Franz Neubauer & Johann Genser
Wei Li
Manfred Bernroider
Gertrude Friedl

Yunpeng Dong, Northwest University
Xi´an Xiaoming Liu, Northwest University
Xi´an Guoqing Han, Jilin University, Changchun
YongjiangLiu, Jilin University, Changchun
Guoqing Han, Jilin University, Changchun
Shoumai Ren, Geological Survey of China, Beijing

Project description

The project aims to study the formation of sedimentary basins along the northern margin of the Tibetan plateau and the relationships to surrounding mountain belts including Altyn, Kunlun, Qimantagh and Qilian Mts. The principal goal is to clarify the mode of basin formation and the influence of mountain uplift to the basin infilling history. The Qaidam basin is Neogene to Recent sedimentary basin with thick, deformed Quaternary sediments. The formation of the Qaidam basin is likely related to overthrusting of Altyn- and Kunlun Mountains, forming a ramp basin. The surface uplift and mountain building has a strong impact to the global climate and caused aridification.


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