New Release and Book Launch "Poverty and knowledge"

The new publication "Poverty and knowledge" represents an attempt to bring epistemic foundations of poverty research in different contexts and from different thematic and disciplinary perspectives in a dialogue with each other as well as to investigate the links between poverty and knowledge in the "applied" field of education.

The authors in this volume are all connected to the University of Salzburg so that "poverty and Knowledge" also offers an insight into the status of efforts in the field of poverty research at the University of Salzburg. The broad spread of disciplinary approaches - philosophy, theology, communication studies, social psychology, social geography, literature, political science - as well as the scientific commitment of the paticipants may demonstrate this use of the University of Salzburg in matters of people affected by poverty.

The volume was presented as part of a discussion with Mag Maria Stern, former poverty-stricken people, singer-songwriter and activist for single parents as well as with Dr. Christina Gastager-Repolust and Regional Minister Dr. Heinrich Schellhorn on 18 September at the Edith Stein House. The talks moderated by Prof. Clemens Sedmak give an insight into poverty situations from the perspective of victims and address the reality of poverty in Salzburg.

"Poverty and knowledge. Reproduction and alleviation of poverty in School and Science" is published in 2013 under the editorship of Helmut P. Gaisbauer, Elisabeth Kapferer, Andreas Koch and Clemens Sedmak in VS publisher Springer.

See pictures of the event on the German website.


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    Wednesday, 24 January is Austria’s "Day of Elementary Education" and many initiatives are attracting attention.
    Austrian universities look at individual life plans of fathers. Do Papamonat and paternity leave experience a first-time boom?
    The team of the Kooperationsschwerpunktes Wissenschaft und Kunst at the University of Salzburg and the Mozarteum invites you to both events.
    "The way out of poverty is the way to school." The University Library Salzburg supports a school project by EcoHimal in Nepal.
    The lecture follows the reception of Confucian thought in the classical German philosophy of Leibniz and Wolff via Herder to Hegel and Schelling.
    English Studies Professor, Simone Pfenninger, from the University of Salzburg has shown in her long-term study that early foreign language teaching - as it is currently being carried out in Europe - brings little benefit. Pfenninger has now been awarded the renowned prize of the Conrad Ferdinand Meyer Foundation for her research on the role of age in learning a foreign language. The ceremony will take place on 19 January, 2018, in Zurich. The award amount is CHF 20,000.
    At the beginning of December, prize money of over € 3,000 was presented to Dr. Göttig, to whom the Promotion Prize Award was endowed. The prize was awarded for many years of successful research in the field of medically and biochemically important tissue kallikreins (KLK proteases) in humans.
    Stefanie Manhart and Martin Happ were recently awarded the honorary prize of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. The best diploma and master theses of the academic year 2016/17 were awarded.
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  • 23.01.18 Elisa Tizzoni PhD - The breakthrough of tourism in a rurbanised area: territorial change and conflicts in Val di Magra (1945-1975).
    24.01.18 "Go International" - Praktikum im Ausland
    25.01.18 Some applications of number theory
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