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Mar Cabezas studied Philosophy at the University of Salamanca, spending one year at the University of Cologne (2003/04). After being a visiting student at the University of Manchester supervised by P. Goldie (2009/10), she graduated in Salamanca (2012) with a thesis on the role of emotions in moral reasoning, being honored with the Extraordinary Doctorate Award. She is a M.A. in Human Rights and an Expert in Psychological Effects of Child Mistreatment (UNED, 2011). Her work has been funded by the Oriol-Urquijo University Foundation (2007/08) and the University of Salamanca (2008/2012).

She has contributed to the The limits of the Precautionary Principle project run by the Spanish National Research Council (2012/2014.) Currently, she is part of the Child Poverty and Social Justice project as a postdoctoral researcher. Her main interests are moral philosophy and moral psychology, the relations between reason and emotion, the moral status of childhood and applied ethics.

Detailed CV & List of Publications

Selected Publications:

Ética y emociones: el papel de las emociones en la justificación de nuestros juicios morales [Ethics and emotions: the role of emotions in the justification of our moral judgments], 2014 (Frothcoming, Plaza y Valdés Press, Madrid)

“Moral Judgments, Emotions, and some Expectations from Moral Motivation” in Public Reason: Journal of Political and Moral Philosophy, 3(1), 2011, 50-59. ISSN 2065-7285.

“Emotions through another lens: a critique of the dichotomic conceptualization of emotions”, in Dilemata: International Journal of Applied Ethics, (2)2010, 89-103. ISSN: 1989-7022.

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    Geologists from the University of Salzburg are greatly benefiting from the recently concluded science agreement between Iran and Austria. At least three new cooperation projects are planned. The expertise of the Salzburg geologists in finding gold or rare earths is, for example, very much in demand in Iran. Rare earths are among the most coveted raw materials in the world.
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