Research Group Statistics and Probability


The research group Statistics and Probability is currently pursuing projects in nonparametric inference, methodology development for multivariate data, copulae, dependence modelling, and fractals.

The members of this group span a wide range of research interests from advancing more theoretical aspects of the methodology to interdisciplinary collaborations with scientists from several different areas, including the life sciences (agricultural, biological, medical, and veterinary sciences), computer science, physics and material science, finance and economics, and others. The research network of collaborators includes colleagues from several universities and research institutions in Göttingen, Ulm, München (Germany), Almería, Oviedo (Spain), UT Dallas, U Kentucky (United States), Bozen, and Meran.

Many of the regional interdisciplinary activities are coordinated through the Quantitative Research Hub.Salzburg (QR.S), a hub for communication, cooperation, and continuing education regarding statistics and quantitative research (not a classical statistical consulting center, however).

Mathematics students at Salzburg University who actively pursue a Master’s or PhD degree with focus in Statistics thus have the opportunity to get involved with methodological, as well as cross-disciplinary research, sometimes in cooperation with partners outside the university, in addition to gaining valuable practical experience in the (open source) statistical software environment R. As a result, they typically find post-graduate employment easily.

Additionally, the opportunity exists to obtain a graduate certificate in Applied Statistics (Studienergänzung Angewandte Statistik) for Master’s and PhD students of Salzburg University who would like to broaden their statistics skills and understanding.


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    Die Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg begleitet Sie in diesem Jahr mit Bildern sowie mit Kurzgeschichten rund um die Advent- und Weihnachtszeit bis zum Hl. Abend.
    Die Universität Salzburg hat in Kooperation mit der Universität Linz und der Tierschutzombudsstelle Wien die Zeitschrift Tierschutz in Recht und Praxis (TiRUP) aus der Taufe gehoben, mit an Bord die Jan Sramek Verlag KG. Technisch getragen wird die Zeitschrift vom Repositorium der Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg (ePLUS).
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